Gift Yourself a Blissful Body and Life

Gift Yourself a Blissful Body and Life

Experience Deep Relaxation

Would you like some love, pampering and care for your body. Experience the love from elements of light in this free group healing session by Tamanna Goplani – Facilitator and Expert Healer. Register your interest here to receive the zoom link:

Heal yourself and others with joy!

Infuse Joy in your body with a simple 15 minute Joyous Body Protocol. Get ease and healing for illnesses and challenges with your body and help clients achieve the same with this certified course. You can use JBP for self help and offer client sessions as well. Join Facilitator Winnie Bajaria on Tuesday.

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“Joyous body protocol is a magic created by a magician. Experiencing an amazing shift..felling light in my body…energy levels are high, I used to feel tired after my work and den after reaching home it was like pl give me some space…but now am feeling so relaxed and calm, spending more time with my kids. Was suffering from knee pain and now u won’t believe there is no pain at all…. Hairfall has reduced… Attentiveness has increased. Listening capacity is improving. No dental pain. Feeling more compassionate and kind towards me, my body and others as well Tons of gratitude for creating this amazing transformation in my life Thank you 😘”

“My mother in law has intestinal obstruction. There is no cure but to operate on but the doctors are refusing to touch her as she is frail and is 89 years old. So she usually has stiffness in her stomach after eating. As she feels that I start a JBP on her and it hardly takes 2 min for her to settle down🙏🙏🙏 Thank you Nila for this awesome awesome protocol ❤️❤️🙏🙏”

“I got a throat pain with intensity 8 suddenly and if it was my old self I wld have got high fever and then 3 4 days of antibiotics.. But the new me with powerful JBP, I jst casually drew the kindness and master keys on my left tonsil, right tonsil and mid bone and voila.. within seconds the intensity was 1!!!!! Like nothing happened 5 mins back..Gratitude Nila”

Experience the Source of Benevolence

The universe is full of goodness and kindness. You are part of that benevolent universe. However, where you are conditioned to focus creates your reality. Are you focusing on the good or bad? Are you constantly watching your back? Expecting something bad to happen? How about flipping it around and expect magic and miracle every day – and have them as your new normal?

Join Nila for ‘Activating Benevolence with Advanced Light Matrix Commands’ here:

“I had a terrible headache at night( I normally don’t get headaches). Since evening, I was just carrying it, lying down and not doing much about it. At night my head was banging as if something was shaking it, banging it within. I used Light matrix command and 30 seconds is what it took— 70-80% intensity was gone. I still felt the intensity but now it was at one spot and not all over, the banging wasn’t there. I slept off doing LM command and I woke up completely fresh.”

“Hello everyone Yesterday I noticed my face had a nice glow. Today also as I woke up, I see a nice shine on my face and that got me thinking what have I done in these two days to bring this up. I finally blame the advanced Light Matrix command😇😃”

“I attended the ADC call with Nila yesterday. I must say it was really out of this world. The best part was it was so much fun too. The meditation was very powerful and the games truly amazing. To answer your question Nila, would love to continue on this journey with your guidance . Thankyou so much 🙏🙏🙏”

Are you at the effect of black magic?

Did you know that blame gives away your power to others (most often to circumstances or people)? Shame keeps you feeling small and contracted. Stop being at the effect of other things with ‘Advanced Light Key Protocol for Going Beyond Black Magic and Curses’. Check for pre requisites and register here:

“Feeling Superhuman finally to Be Self- empowered to kill ,overcome, release all the truths, lies, myths ,projections, mental conceptions ,stories, superstitions, saga, repeating patterns, sufferings, experiences, trauma, hue & cry the list is unending you can add more adjectives to the amount of what one has been seeing & hearing of Black Magic & Curses since childhood /many lifetimes or probably eternity… Ahaahaha finally the time to get rid of all the angst ,hiding, horror behind this Spell… HDIGABTT? WEIP? What would it take to Be an Empowered Being & Create a High life ?”

“I have worked on curses and Blackmagic from many years using multiple modalities. It’s been releasing in stages and I had been getting awareness bit by bit on what all I have inherited from my parents and what they got from their parents. The day I paid for this class almost 10 days before, I got awareness on another layer in the whole family line which was carrying this. That was big aha and release. In today’s class for me it was assimilation of whole release I feel finally done with this. The word Blackmagic feels just another concept now. I am feeling so free and so much space. I am so much in gratitude for having light key healing tools”

“Thank you Nila, created so much expansion in my Universe, truly a magical class. Wow, busting limitations was so much fun! Witnessing the birth of two new frequencies and experiencing King Solomons energy was super exciting, grateful ❤️🦄🙏”

Clear Powerlessness With Light Matrix

Get a taste of Light Matrix command and clear your helplessness with this video by Nila

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