Glow like a star!

Glow like a star!

How have you been?

Have you experienced the power of space around you? Space itself – not the things in it! If you are open to trying a 5 mins exercise to go beyond limitations and create more space, click on the video link provided at the end.

JBP -Level 1 – Today!

All geared up for the most awaited class? Nila has received more insights to exponentialize the effectiveness of JBP. Join us to know more

Advanced Light Key protocol for space clearing

“Every aspect of your life is anchored energetically in your living space, so clearing clutter can completely transform your existence”Karen Kingston

Everything that happens in a house travels in a ripple effect, energetically, and gets imprinted in the walls, ceilings, floors, furniture and objects. Repetitive behaviors, traumas, arguments also get imprinted. Astonishing right? Sometimes you walk into a room and you can feel the dense energies and sometimes you don’t – invariably they impact us or cloud the decisions we make from that space.

Would you like some help in clearing the densities and attachments?

Invite you to learn this powerful protocol to clear the densities using Light keys and frequencies and raise the vibration of the space with light and lightness. Clear the space and make way for more prosperity, harmony in relationships, physical and emotional well-being and much more.

Star Glow facial

A facial from the light elements – no chemical… no external touch… just some magical light key processes from the grand old universe! Last time, Nila had announced an impromptu competition in the call and had tough job to select the winner – because everyone received so amazingly well!

Few of the many feedbacks:

“A lift not just for the face, an uplifting experience for the Being as well !”

“… – one of the gifts I’ve been blessed to – let Masks and other facial covers, behind them I hid for many years.And so, I open an invitation for you to experience this wonderful protocol.If you are willing to allow yourself and the whole world to experience the light and beauty of the glowing star that lies in the cries of the world.”

“I feel my face more firm and clear like texture change.”

Join to experience the change yourself.

Awareness development circle(ADC)

In last month’s ADC, Nila guided us through a journey to deepen our spiritual partnership and ‘Star gate journey’, a very potent process which opened up new possibilities for many of us. Wonder what magical journey awaits us this month?!

Feel free to join in !

Upcoming classes:

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Advanced Light Medicine Level 2 (certified)

How to be a people magnet!

Going beyond the greatest of addictions (Part 2) (Choosing your infiniteness beyond definitions)

Advanced Light Key Blue Print Course (Certified)

Space of being


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