Go Beyond Debt

Go Beyond Debt

Are you in ‘Debt’? What are your judgements, opinions, views of debt? Do you have a lot of it? Do you have none of it? Do you avoid it? Do you limit your growth because you don’t want debt?

Watch this wonderful facilitation by Nila for a fresh perspective on debt and transform the energy of debt with Light key tools and Sedona method. Link is given at the end.

Why ‘LIGHT’ Key Wellness System?

We have been engaging with Light and Lightness. Lightness is all about getting empowered to be in touch with your true self. Imagine you have a ball of clay and a rock, and you wish to change the shape of both. What is easier to mould? Clay, right?! Goes without saying! Why is that so?

By now you get the drift. We all might have some rocks in our lives. Money, Careers. Businesses, Relationships, Health, Time!  Is it time to dissolve the solidity?

The Light Key System is all about turning your rock solid life to a life which can be moulded by you in the way you like and choose! Isn’t that pretty awesome!

We have a ‘Festival of Light’ coming up on the 27th. It is a 3 hour journey with 11 expert healers who will gift you some advanced Light Key processes. Go here and check out all the amazing sessions on offer. It  is available right now at a very tiny price so that is a contribution to everyone who wishes to receive. Check out this sweet offer here:

Message from Nila

As you may be aware, JBP L2 is happening on 25th Jan and the manual is almost ready. My awareness is that the practices in L2 are 10 times more potent than L1. We are going to learn the following:

  1. JBP grid
  2. Quantum JBP
  3. Spinal Release
  4. Joy Immersion
  5. Anti Aging with JBP
  6. Embracing the sexualness of the body

These processes are going to awaken your body’s potentials like never before and blow away your limitations of receiving.

If you are receiving this email, you are either through with all the pre-requisites or a few steps away from completing them.

Here is a unique opportunity for you just until the L2 class:

If you have not upgraded to intermediate blueprint V4 from V3, we are offering the upgrade for 42$ instead of 77$. You save 35$! Here is the link to upgrade:

You will see the discount coupon when you check out through the shop. If you are ordering through GPay / PayTM, please mention your eligibility. Team will check and place the order.

I look forward to seeing you in the class. What magic can we create?

Beyond Debt – YouTube Link:

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What more magic can we create together?

In appreciation of you,

IH Team