Golden Earth Reality

Golden Earth Reality

How are you? I have been well and kicking. I’m so pumped up about the upcoming classes and unable to sleep out of excitement. In fact I’m writing this message while flying. I worked straight 6 hours to complete the manual on the flight and still wanted to write to you out of sheer excitement. How does it get any better than this?

Golden Earth

More and more people receive and practice light keys, the more and more I see the possibility of a golden earth reality. What do I mean by this? I invite you to do a small exercise for me. If you were God, how would this world be? Or if everyone can have everything they like to have how would the world be?  Get the energy… That’s it… That’s the golden earth reality.

What if we can create this energy on this planet together?  I can tell you that we got lots of help from other dimensions. All we have to do is tap into them. See this feedback.

“Today completed 11 days. This protocol gave me a miracle reducing the pain in my back and hip by 80% I was having It for years i wld say at least 10 yrs. A stuborn pain where i can hardly sit for half an hour. But now i can sit longer time. Thank sis Nila so much for the opportunity”.

This feedback was for the self-help joyous body protocol I downloaded and trialed. The simplicity of such healing techniques given to me and the effectiveness amaze me. What more magic can we all create together?

This protocol is about 1/8th of the content of the class on 17th. You can join from anywhere online. You also receive the video recording if your time zone is not suitable to attend live. If you like to learn the magical practices of techniques of light key system, please register only 6 days to go!

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Looking forward to meeting you in the class.

In appreciation of you,