Gratitude gift from Nila to you!

Gratitude gift from Nila to you!

How have you been?

Hope you had a lovely Christmas filled with light and lightness!!

Wow – What an amazing 11-day journey of the festival of Lights!

Wednesday(23/12) marked the final session of Festival of lights celebration 2020. You know the feeling you get when all your family members join together for a grand function – the function surpasses all expectations and when it’s day to part, part of you is ready to leave happily while the other part aches for more – that’s exactly how most of us felt! It was definitely a family celebration- Light Key family.

Light Key blessings for prosperity and love was a grand way to conclude the festival. The shares of the participant after receiving the blessings brought tears to many of us!

“So much gratitude for the festival! I must say I would have so many points of view, judgements and comparisons about ‘ how much aware’ me or someone else was. Less or more or whatever. Now I am beginning to get how much of a mind trap it is. I kept getting aware or noticing ‘mind and it’s chatter’ as distinctly an entity but not me. Mind and no mind.”

“Joined in the festival of Light -11 days of Light and during these sessions suddenly in words of Saida, the key opened up a profound understanding that the mistake I was making all along, was that I was trying to understand the light key system whereas it is just to be experienced. The experience beholds the keys to profound change inside and thereby alters your perceptions and reactions to all the external situations of life. It’s been a wonderful experience for me.I hope to build up on it gradually. Thanks Nila and all the facilitators for the wonderful sessions conducted.”

A heartfelt gratitude to all those who chose and joined us in this wonderful journey. It has been 11 days of huge magical transformations – as evidenced by your amazing shares and testimonials, each day.

We congratulate all of you for moving into a higher vibration energetically- this has happened whether you realise it or not. When you move into more light, the entire Universe shifts too… so give yourself a pat for this amazing contribution! You now have in your hands some of the magical Light key tools to transform and shift any heavy or troublesome situations of your life.

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What next?
If you enjoyed the sessions with the facilitators, you would love the Light Key classes with them. These 11 days gave you a taster of the various Light key healing tools. Willing to go deeper? How magical life would be if you are empowered with the knowledge to use them for yourself and others? We invite you to take the next step in this new year and join us in this amazing program we have setup for you all.

New Year – New Beginnings !
The amazing facilitators are teaming up once again to facilitate popular Basic Light key courses – to enable you to move ahead in your journey with ease. On purchase of any of these courses, you get a one-time discount coupon worth 11$ that can be used in future purchases from our website. The offer is available for the purchases till 15th January 2021.

We look forward to take you further in the Light keys journey and empower you with the knowledge of these amazing Light key courses. Join today and embrace your Divinity!!

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A gratitude mediation from Nila to you
“It is through gratitude for the present moment that the spiritual dimension of life opens up.” – Eckhart Tolle

In this video, Nila takes you through a beautiful guided meditation where you experience light transmuting energies not contributing you. She then leads you to acknowledge and expand the gratitude in you and blends it with kindness – an amazing experience for your body and being. Your body jumps with vibration of light, gratitude, kindness and more!


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