Gratitude Healing Chain

Gratitude Healing Chain

How have you been doing?

Hope you are not dragged down by the panic and fear going on around the planet. If you are, please know that it could just be your awareness of other people’s heaviness. Just let go and rest.

Right this morning, I was asked by The Spirit to start a Gratitude Healing Chain. Yes, gratitude heals and perhaps, that’s the vibration we require on the planet right now. I will write gratitude note for one person every day for 11 days and request them to do the same. What magic can we create?

Here is my Day 1/11:

I met her in my class in Mumbai in December. I could not pronounce her name properly and she kindly allowed me to address her by the name her friends used: Sanju. I did not know then we’ll develop such a sweet bond. Sanju and I don’t speak/write a lot to each other but somehow she gives me a sense that she is always there for me in a very non-judgemental and non-intrusive way. There is this air of gratitude hanging around her all the time. Her level of receiving has been a massive contribution to the expansion of light key healing system. Sanju, my sweet teddy bear, I am very grateful that you are here on the planet and journeying with me.

I have invited you all to start this gratitude healing chain. Let’s flood the planet with gratitude and kindness so that no darkness can have a place here. What other time can be better than now?

Is it time for you to step into magic?

Since I’ve started my journey with Light Keys ( INFINITE HEALING) my life has changed 360 degrees. I have so much peace and ease in life. Now with the Earth Medicines, I’m tackling all health issues so easily. These are magical and I don’t have to buy it from the pharmacy
The healings are so so potent..😄
Gratitude Nila.. 🙏”

This is the recent feedback a practitioner of light keys. Since the rollout in November, the Light key healing system has evolved so much and expanding every day. The changes we are experiencing are nothing short of magic. The simple practices and protocols of this system are offering amazing changes quickly – some times to the point that it is too good to be true according to these limitations of this reality.

We keep getting breakthrough after breakthrough and these are much much powerful, I would like to get the people who are willing to experience the magical reality ready with the tools to handle the big shifts with ease. Hence, we have re-launched the basic course with more tools to quickly get you all up to speed. This is what the basic course contains now:

  • Foundational master key practice
  • Prosperity Anchor
  • Kindness Healing Experience
  • Belief clearing Protocol

What are the benefits?

  • Empowered to be the master of your own universe!
  • Physical & Emotional healing
  • Dissolving limiting beliefs that create self-sabotage
  • Prosperity consciousness

If you have been on the fence about light key systems, this may be good time to jump in:

Free facilitation/healing call

Please feel free to sign up for the free support call on 31st:

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Until next time, keep the gratitude going…

In appreciation of you,