Grounding to feel calmer and stronger!

Grounding to feel calmer and stronger!

How have you been?

Would you like to experience and enjoy some calmness and strength in your body? If you feel scattered or feel like escaping the current moment, maybe it’s time to connect to your body and planet – to invite more ease in your universe. How to connect? Choose grounding – deeper grounding.

We invite to be experience this grounding exercise and become the driving force of your life instead of giving it off to probabilities and chances. Link to the video at the end.

Now that you are grounded, how would it be to expand your awareness and manifest your desires quickly?!

Advanced Light Key Blueprint Course (Certified)
Are you enjoying the journey and the changes brought about by Basic Blueprint and Intermediate Light Key practises? Ready to choose more and go beyond?

“There is a voice that doesn’t use words, listen.” – Rumi.

Wondering how? We invite you to learn and take the help of awareness key and introduce yourself to a very powerful 21-day awakening process, via this class.

One of the previous attendees of the class called out this class was so potent and that the awareness key rocks her world. Curious to know more?

When you choose this class, you also learn how to
– employ the magic of numbers with keys to physicalise your desires
–  create your own grids to heal and manifest
–  Light key exponentiators and more!

Choose to advance your journey into mastery & manifest your desires quickly!

21 games to prosperity!
How does having fun all day and attracting prosperity sound? Possible? Oh Yes!

A couple of shares from participants of this class

“ I was playing with the universe today, In the morning  I ask:1. Osho zen tarot cards,2. The book “366 doors to the heart by Elyen Kadi 3. The animal totam book…The outcome:1. Next time I was looking on fb: my friend wrote that she has 2 decks of the Osho zen tarot cards and she will come to visit me in the end of September and gift them to me! (Double joy since we haven’t met for long time…)2. A dear Student of mine ordered the 336 doors book for me via the internet…HDIGABTT?”

“3 signs of prosperity in my big farm house. Doing sessions n enjoying with my family. Sitting in my garden and enjoying the nature Watching a movie with family n staff. And guess what friends. Received money which I thought I would receive next month. Received in advance n received in gratitude.”

A very powerful and fun class you wouldn’t want to miss. Abundance is your true nature – choose to tune into the limitless abundance of the universe. We invite you to learn 21 fun games to attract prosperity and demand from the universe as baby demands from its parents!

Choose to be master of your universe and attract magic!

March offers
The most sought-after Light Key protocol – Prosperity Activation program is on offer! We can’t believe it – check it out!

Grounding to feel calmer and stronger

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