Harmony with money — audio download

Harmony with money — audio download

How have you been? I wish you a bright, light and expansive 2017 🙂

2016 was an extremely busy year for me and I am choosing to have more balance this year. So, you should be hearing from me often and receive more audio downloads too. How does it get any better than this? Yes, I do have an audio clearing for creating a harmonious relationship with money at the end of this message.

From my tool box

I have been playing with a few more modalities like Sujok, switchwords, TAT etc and the results are amazing. Switchwords are like one word mantras that work with subconscious mind directly to create desired results. You can chant, write, listen, display, carry the chosen switch word (s) to create changes. You can also use switchwords in combination to increase the effect. The following switch words are the commonly used ones:

TOGETHER -This is the master Switchword used for unity, harmony & oneness with anything and everything

DIVINE – Cultivate miracle consciousness; create miracles

COUNT Increase money flow

Try using these 3 in combination and share the magic!

Miracle Diary

Amongst a bunch of miracles I cooked in 2016, I’ll share the most recent & simple one with you. I needed an iphone for testing an app we developed and was asking a few friends around for a spare. I did not get a favourable response for a week. When I met a friend after a week, she said that her iphone suddenly died the week before and started working after she bought a new phone. Guess what, who gained an iphone to test? 🙂

Magic buddy

Last year was miraculous in many ways for me personally. I cleared loads of long standing patterns, created so much harmony in relationships and received a lot in abundance. Besides, it was also so rewarding to witness my clients creating desired outcome consistently. Here is one of the recommendations I received:

“It is one of those testing times, Nirmala Raju made me realize that life is lot simpler than what we generally conclude, assume or judge. Nirmala Raju is a very experienced life coach and very unique as she is able to relate and make best use of numerous self-help modalities like Chakra healing, Access, Colour therapy, etc. I strongly recommend a session with Nirmala when you are able to acknowledge the need.”

I like to play with people who really like to create magic – they are the dreamers who not only know that different possibilities are available but also dare to tap into them and expand this universe. While I am happy to be one of those dreamers, I also acknowledge the challenges we may face – we get quickly distracted, we use our awareness against us many times and of course, make ourselves wrong for being “abnormal”. Sounds familiar? Having regular catch ups with my healer buddies serves as a good reminder to raise above all these and keep choosing the magic. I strongly recommend you to reach out and have a magic buddy.

In case you like me to be that buddy, I’ll be happy to play with you. Well, as I enjoy creation so much, I am also offering 30% discount to play.

Gold Package:  8 x 20 minute session

Creator Package: 4 x 30 minute session

Please do not buy these packages, if you are not willing to be happy & prosperous. This offer is available for purchase for only one month and you need to use all the sessions within 2 months of purchase.

For more details, please visit:


Here is my gift:

Please find below the clearing audio from my chapter “Romance with money” from the book “Where is my doorway to possibilities”:


Please feel free to circulate.

What more magic can we create together?