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Have you divorced your body?

Have you divorced your body?

This is Nila writing to you, this time  How have you been?

Well, it was all going to be an innocent repeat class of Conscious Embodiment on 20th April. But a group of potential creators showed up in  ‘Getting over the past, finally’ call rewrote the future. After that class, I did a private session for a gentleman and ran through the conscious embodiment protocol with him. Just in 8 minutes, his embodiment went from 5% to 100% (yes, truly!)

That and the willingness of the class participants showed me that we are ready to go to the next level of conscious embodiment. So, this class is going to be an upgrade from the last class for sure and also going to have a certification option. If someone can receive so much change in 8 minutes, I definitely like it to go into the world and perhaps, avoid many emergencies.

Whether you are looking to heal your body or build your healing practice or just like to repeat for the fun of it, jump in.

Conscious Body Protocol is a pre-requisite for this. Facilitators Saida Allarakhia and Odelia Tabak can teach you this course or you can buy it from the shop.

Conscious and Prosperous Healer – Level 2 – another powerful class coming up!

This can change your healing practice all together! Exhilarating awareness is showing up while writing manual. This level is about embracing your capacities and infinite nature.

This course is more experiential and would help you reclaim your power and potency to work with clients. After this class, your outlook towards healing and dynamics with your clients is likely to change entirely.

This class is very dynamic and the topics may change. The likely contents are:

  • Willingness to be your own priority.
  • Clearing the source of self-judgements & resistance to embrace your power.
  • Willingness to be the source & be responsible.
  • Willingness to receive.
  • Embracing the infiniteness.

I would love to have you in the class.

Have you divorced your body
How many people are you carrying in your body? What percentage are you there in your body? – Surprised with your answers or are you puzzled with my questions! Either way, click in the below link to know more.

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