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Healing for babies

Healing for babies

How are you? I am doing good as usual thanks to all your contributions. How does it get any better than this? As you may be aware, I am crazy about babies and they start playing with me from their mom’s tummy. You would have read so many of my miracle stories with babies. Last week, I was called to work on babies in the universe (not just the planet!) and so I am sending healing to all the babies regularly.

I am also inviting the babies below 1 year needing my contribution to get in touch with me to receive more healing for specific conditions – no strings attached! If you know someone who can benefit out of this offer, please pass on the message. What magic can we create for the babies together?

As I liked to get this message out, I am writing this newsletter in hurry. Sorry for not giving you a tool or miracle story this time.Join our Awareness development through sacred fellowship web class on Saturday. You will learn exercises to increase your awareness and participate in the guided meditation with Ascended Masters and Angels to experience oneness.

If you are interested in developing your psychic or mediumship abilities, this class is for you:
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