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Healing for Covid

Healing for Covid

How have you been?

We did a meditation and healing in our group coaching call for the fear on the planet right now. Hope it reached you.

Many practitioners of Light Key system joined together to bring more light into the COVID situation and we are on day 5 of 11 in doing some Light work without fixating on the outcome.Here is a sharing:

“As I was flowing DHF, I felt the frequency go deep into Mother Earth and activating her Diamond heart!!This then flowed up to every being on the planet! Beautiful energy”

We wonder what magic we can all create together.We’ll be happy to include if any of your loved ones are impacted by COVID. Please let us know.

Light Key journey

1) Sunday’s Awareness Development Circle created loads of shifts in our lives. When people are sobbing uncontrollably, I know that the release is too deep for the mind to even comprehend… surely it feels like we all lost a 20% of our body weight in an hour.

See some feedback:

“Feeling so light after today’s ADC call. So much insights we get, that we don’t understand cognitively. 
Immense gratitude to Nila. A whole new world has opened up for me. Please please continue these calls.”

“5D meditations have such awesomeness that any magic is possible. 
Am really trying to put the experience in words but am going to go for – it can’t be described – awesome beautiful experience. It’s as if I am re-born each time. So much gratitude Nila for this experience “

I invite you to join this experience in July:

2) Continuously receiving amazing messages from ‘Gorgeous You’ attendees. Invariably, it is all about honouring the body, being in communion and harmony with the body. Looking forward to ‘Transcend the time’ and ‘Joy with food’ classes in in the same series in July. Please feel free to join:

3) “You have really done magic for him” – This is the feedback I received today from someone close to a person who had a personal session with me. This is the kind of feedback I receive from my private clients. They actually develop my business for me by referring me to so many of their friends. This did not happen overnight. I did do a lot of work on myself to get here. I learnt a load through experiences and of course, I have had divine help – well, it was always available but now I have learnt how to allow it to flow through. I will be sharing my “wisdom” based on my 20+ years of experience in the ‘Art of facilitation’ class. The title ‘The Magic lady’ does not belong to me. You can have it too. Join me to learn how:

4) A facilitator was saying today that out of 27 of her class participants, 24 of them called her back to report amazing changes in their life from Light Keys and Frequencies. As the changes were very swift, they were asking for the next level of classes – probably to experience more magic. Voila! Here they are… I am channelling the manual for Light Key Vortices with Rapid Response protocol. If you think Light Key Frequencies have quick results, wait for the Vortices! You are going to fall flat for them. Please feel free to join us on July 7th:

5)The Light Key Intermediate class on Saturday was very different. It was more experiential than before and we had new information coming through during the class… how awesome are the participants to make it happen!! Here is a feedback from the class:
“I am sitting near my daughter and she has a lot of headache….as Nila is talking about health key, I started drawing it in air in the room….and she asked are you doing anything on me? I am feeling much better”
You can also have this, if you choose!

6) So glad to see how the practitioners and facilitators are flourishing. Someone has increased her fee by 3 times within a couple of months. I am pretty proud of the confidence:-)

7) Mother Mira Alfassa, the initiator of the Light Key systems seems to be connecting to the practitioners of Light Keys in mysterious ways. Some people see her in dreams, some people in meditation, some people through other teachers or family members etc… How amazing! Tagit shared a very touching story!

8) All ready for Deep Detox protocol of Light medicine Level 1, on Thursday ! Even by reading the commands people are able to perceive the energy running.
Aren’t you curious? You may be able to join if you read this on time:

What more magic can we create together I wonder!

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We cordially invite you to join our ‘Light key mastery’ public group with Nila/Nimi.




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