Healing from Ascended realm

Healing from Ascended realm

How would it be to receive support and guidance from an ascended realm whenever you need it?  How would it be if you can facilitate this for others too?

 “Awareness development circle(ADC) intensive – Sirian”, a 4 call series guides you through the journey to form that profound connection with celestial beings! These recordings are now on amazing offer!  Checkout details in below link (under Course Pre-requisite section)

Practitioners who have already been on the above ADC’s couldn’t get enough and have now demanded a certification course where they can learn to channel Sirian energy to heal others. That’s how Sirian Radiant Blue Healing – Certified course was born. You can join this extra-ordinary journey and be one of the certified practitioners too.

Invite you to join the 2-call training series to co-create healing with Sirians!

“Truly greatful for this amazing experience, tears and yawning through out the call, my body is feeling so lighter and happy, saw a elderly angel with blue robes, and a dolphin.i wonder what they gifted me my msg was peace love and prosperity truly greatful to the Sirian angels.”

“I forgot to mention, one thing, I saw my father, he also visited the planet and was very happy and proud to see me, and I recieved a white heart shaped pearl, and I actually do own a neck piece like that, so will probably wear that for real, Thank you everyone great experience”

Ready to unleash your brain, heart and gut?

The first call of this amazing 3 – call series starts next week. In these calls, you will be guided, by Nila, to follow specific eye movements, body movements, breath work to awaken the full potential of your body.

Is it time to let go of your mental fatigue and harness your untapped potential? Then Unleashing your brain call may be your answer! Manifest your highest desires with elevated state of consciousness. We invite you to join us in this journey of inner exploration.

Join the 3 call series and

Unshackling the Heart

Unlocking the Gut

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“I believe I had a kidney stone and I believe it dissolved after my body Morphosis Session with Nils. Today I had a bladder and kidney ultrasound..making sure both are clear..so prayers that all is good. I also want to share. I was told to drink a liter of water 1 hr before thr ultrasound. I followed my gut..drank 32 oz 30 minutes before the ultrasound and my bladder was full..I wasn’t over full..she told me I am one of the few that actually come with a full bladder..the appt was to be 45 minutes of was out in 25 mins..I truly listened to my body..”

“It was totally wonderful and I received is fully . I fell asleep in the middle of the meditation but when I got up i could sense some kind of tingling feeling inside my brain and middle spine. Just amazing can’t be explained. Thank u so much Nila for such an awesome an holistic experience”

Joyous body protocol

As the name implies, your body and spirit would jump with joy as this protocol restores your body’s healing ability and creates harmony and peace within the body.

An easy-to-use protocol which comes with a certification (You will have to just pass a simple quiz!).

❤️One of the countless shares for your purview:

“Today when I was doing my JBP, I drawn health key also for 11 times. It was an awesome experience. I’m feeling energetic and no lower back pain… Usually suffer from PMS every time and this time no PMS no pain no tired feeling nothing. Someone had shared in one of the class that she used to draw the keys on hall. So for the first time I drawn it when my boss was quite cranky and there was sudden shift in her behavior.”

“I got a throat pain with intensity 8 suddenly and if it was my old self I wld have got high fever and then 3 4 days of antibiotics.. But the new me with powerful JBP, I jst casually drew the kindness and master keys on my left tonsil, right tonsil and mid bone and voila.. within seconds the intensity was 1!!!!! Like nothing happened 5 mins back.. Gratitude Nila”

An opportunity to learn this profound protocol, live, from our amazing facilitator, Tamanna Goplani

Experience enhanced energy flow and empower yourself to heal others!

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In appreciation of You,
Suguna Sathish, Expert Healer
Team Light Key Academy