Heart—warming stories of love and light!

Heart—warming stories of love and light!

How are you doing?

It’s almost a year since we started our light key journey with 33 volunteers. It’s amazing to see how much the keys help us expand.

Yesterday, in a private session, a practitioner was showing off her sweet garden that got created after she started practicing keys and assigned them the task to create a garden. She was so exuberant that her dream came true after 15 years!

There are many more such stories from practitioners and I just wanted to share a few here with you:

Kindness key magic

“A lady in her 50’s had issue sleeping in her bedroom since a few days. She was getting restless in her room. I asked her to draw 11 kindness keys on each wall of the room and ask the kindness keys to fill up whole of the wall multiplying hundred times. I also asked her to send in waves of kindness to the room before she enters the room and call in waves of kindness for herself before entering. Also gave her a white light meditation. I got the following message from her this morning: After many days last night I slept peacefully”

Fear dissolver key magic

“A lady called me up asking me to work on her brother. He was behaving weirdly, not recognising his family, not talking to them. He had mild fever and the family was intending to do covid test for him. I worked on him at the family’s request. I sensed he was out of his body, fearing a lot to be in his body. His sister confirmed that he was scared of Covid.
I sent fear dissolver keys to him continuously, filled him and his body with the keys……, did entity clearing on the body. He was much calmer when they reached hospital. Next morning, he recognised his parents, spoke to his uncle and sister which she sent me recordings of. He was tested positive for covid but he took it in his stride and I heard him saying in a recording that even if he is positive, he will come out of it. He was discharged in a few days and it’s been 3 weeks, he is perfectly fine now”

Ease key magic

“I applied for a Visa for me and my son. My consultant said though our case was straightforward, it usually takes 2 months and due to ‘COVID backlog’ it might take longer. I had a little fear going on. I did fear dissolver.
I practised a lot of ease key. I drew it on application and in paper and air – whenever and wherever I can.
I couldn’t believe – our Visa was granted in 2 days – really! Thank you so much Light Keys and Nila for sharing it with the world.”

If you are wondering how you can also have this, try out our Light Key Basic Blueprint course.


Star glow facial – Who is going to be the winning Star?

We had another amazing Light Key class – Star glow facial, yesterday. Participants received it so well. A fun-game was announced – participants to share before and after the class photos and Nila would choose a winner. All those who have shared photos are glowing and deserve to be winners – good luck to me for having to choose the winner. I will share the photos in the next newsletter.

Few of the many testimonials after the class:

“I feel my face more firm and clear like texture change”

“I am so buzzing with energy after the Star glow facial class, I completed and sent my quiz! Thank you so much Nila for guiding us through this process with the potent elements of light!”

“A lift not just for the face, an uplifting experience for the Being as well!”

“Thank you so much for this magical protocol, it makes all my body and being very happy”

You can still experience the uplift yourselves.

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What more magic can we create together I wonder!

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