My journey to meet John of God

My journey to meet John of God

My journey to meet John of God

It was on May 30th I attended an workshop with Gail Thackeray I was inspired to take some action to meet John of God. Till then it was only on my wish list and did not think that it would ever come true. Having been so moved by the entities of Casa at the workshop, I decided to make a trip to Casa. Gail was taking a group to Casa on June 18th and that was a very short notice for me. When Gail sent the pictures of Casa she also mentioned about Jauo’s trip to Swiss in July. I was about to book the tickets but inspired to go to casa instead of a taster in Switzerland. I seriously started looking for groups and guides. To be honest, I was a bit surprised by the attitude of some guides. With the help of a good Samaritan, I found a good guide and thought I will book the tickets straight away. While I was searching for pictures of her hotel, I came across an information about Abadania’s sanitary system which literally threw me off. At the same time, I heard from another guide who pointed me to Switzerland again.

Last week, one fine morning, totally confused by the information I had, I asked the entities to give me a definite answer where to go.Trains were running late and two train loads of people were waiting for the train which was approaching. Even with one train load, it is hard to get a seat. I said to the entities, “If I get a window seat in this train, then you are definitely asking me to go to Switzerland.”

It was even difficult to get into the train because of the crowd. While I was passing someone in the aisle with his permission, a lady who was sitting suddenly got up and rushed towards the door to get down. The man who was standing by the seat asked me if I wanted to sit down. The man who was sitting in the adjacent seat asked me if I would like to take the window seat…WOW! What else can I expect from the entities?! It was only a few days before the event and all the hotels near the venue were booked. I had to stay in Zurich and either take a shuttle – train – shuttle or a taxi. The first option was time intensive and the second option was money intensive. I decided to try the first but missed the shuttle by a minute. So I had to go for the second option and waited in the lobby for the taxi. Casually I drifted off to the porch where I saw a car with people in white clothes (That was the dress code for the event). I’ve never asked for lift in my life to strangers. But I somehow dared and asked them if they were going to Winterthur where the event was taking place. The lady noded and said something that I could not understand. I don’t know how it happened but I was on the car with them and dropped right in front of the venue. When I offered money,the lady refused gently and she was very sure about it!

Got to meet the medium Jauo for only a fraction of minutes and I did not even understand what the prescription was for me. Volunteers  directed me to cleansing queue in the current room. Apparently, entities decided that I didn’t need any intervention! The energy in the current room was electrifying. We sat there only for a few minutes but it was deeply calming. I could not open my eyes until a volunteer gently asked me to leave. I was so disappointed that the whole healing session was over in a few minutes and I did not even get a message from the spirit! Sitting down on the grass with huge disappointment, I told the entities how I feel. The same healing energy I felt in the current room came over me and they asked me to go into the auditorium. While I was sitting in the main hall, they kept announcing that healing does not end in the current room and it continues. I was in and out of deep trance the whole afternoon. The music by Kana and Jorgen was so moving. We were told that the entity that came thro’ was King Solomon and when he was in Jauo’s body, he ate a full water glass. No blood! No wound!

Two hours before I was due to leave, I went to buy a shuttle ticket for the return journey. The counter clerk was attending to someone for a long time and I just left thinking that I can buy the tickets later. When it was time to leave, the counter was closed. Thinking that I could buy the tickets on the bus, I boarded the bus only to hear from the driver that he does not issue tickets. But he did not ask us to get off the bus as well. So another absolutely free ride! On the plane home, I felt exhausted and my legs were very stiff and aching. I called the entities for help and started massaging my leg. Just after a minute or so, the ache disappeared and I felt much more energetic. As I reached home by midnight, I thought I would be struggling to go to work the next morning but to my surprise, it was business as usual. While writing this (the day after the trip) my emotions are playing rollercoaster with me and I am still wondering if the entities thought I don’t need any intervention or they just gave up on me! A friend asked me if my life changed in anyway… My cognitive answer is ‘No’ but somewhere deep within, something tells me that something has changed!

Calling the entities of Casa to show me what it is!