How did I grow my business by 17 times?

How did I grow my business by 17 times?

How have you been? What magic are you creating?

Miracle story & tool box

I am absolutely surprised at my career and how I seem to have “fallen” in to different roles organically. To be honest, I never planned my career path. I went into engineering in order to avoid medicine. I did post graduation in order to avoid my parents marrying me off to someone who expects me to be “normal”. Took a job in a factory in order not to be left out from my batch mates.

Many times, I have had to be the first one to do something without any previous experience or precedence to learn from – including the first one to marry across the caste in my extended family. To quote a few examples from my career, first female post graduate engineer from my village, First female engineer in the shop floor of a furnace factory, first female piping engineer in a design consultancy, first Tamil news producer in a new TV channel, first Tamil Access Consciousness Facilitator etc. I did not have experience in any of these when I went into these roles including the one I am currently holding – CEO of Infiniti Creation.

When I took over this role back in 2016, the team size was 5. In the last quarter of 2018, we were 60! The turn over had increased by about 17 times – really! Looking at the growth, loads of people ask me for suggestions to expand their businesses and I draw blank. Why? Because I have never followed any conventional methods to develop the business. Till now, I do not have a marketing or business development executive. Never went for a PR or ad campaign (except for occasional 10$ adword or linked in campaigns that did not bear any fruit). Then how did I do it? Well, I play with energy – remember the physics lesson that tells you everything is made of energy? That’s it… Instead of following the conventional marketing, I nurture the energy of my business and be open to receive contribution from anything and everything… that does the job for me. As they worked for me, I am choosing to share them here with you even though this article is likely to attract judgements and redicule. Here they are:  

1) I change the way I feel about my business and my business changes automatically. The more and more gratitude I have for my business, it picks up the pace.

2) I try and bring fun into the business. Our meetings start with appreciations and our days are springled with shout outs. We have star of the week and monthly games to have fun no matter how busy we are! If work is fun, the collective consciousness of the team expands business.

3) I employ the universe. I ask the universe to run my business. Some times I give specific tasks like increasing the turn over to certain amount and some times I ask the universe to play a particular role like Operations Manager. This really does wonders.

4) I ask each and every molecule to contribute to my business. Imagine if each molecule in the universe contributes 1 cent to my business, how big would we grow! I don’t hesitate to ask.

5) I let go of all the attachments to outcomes and let it flow. Hold the desires like a butterfly… if you hold it too tight it will die.

6) Follow what is light. My decisions are normally based on what makes me feel light – not based on what makes sense logically! Lightness creates more lightness.

7) I take care of my body. What does my body have to do with my business? The body is the one that requires money to survive – not the being. If you take care of the body well, it contributes to your money flow. (You got to ask though 🙂

8) I Practice kindness. Whatever that shows up, however heavy it is, being kind to that energy dissolves the heaviness and creates more space for what we desire.

9) I focus on what I like to create rather than the lack of it in the physical reality

10) I ask and be the question. What else is possible is the most used phrase in my daily life I think. Question brings more awareness.

These are some of the tools that are palatable to the logical mind.

The moral of the story is that you do not have to have or follow the path that’s set by others. You can carve your path following your own intuition that could lead to magical lands… How much can you expand your life by just following your awareness? What magic can you be for yourself?


Group sessions

I am doing so many private sessions and finding so much in common between the sessions. I wonder if group healing/coaching sessions will help more people benefit from the sessions at a much cheaper rate. I would like to trial it by offering 1 hour session at @39$ per person for a group of 5 people. My 1 hour private session costs $197. So, how does it get any better than this?

If you have a group of 5 or like to participate in a group, please let me know. What more magic can we create together?

Have you seen the videos I have recently uploaded about expanding your psychic ability?


Lots of gratitude to each and every one of you ,