How does it get any better than this?

How does it get any better than this?

woooo hooo…. Are you ready for a wild ride?

Warning: If you have OCD for perfection, you will really find this hard as this article is likely to have all sorts of mistakes including and not limited to loads of typos 🙂

Apologies to people who are not familiar with Access Consciousness as I may have used some abbreviations that you may not understand. But still it would be an interesting ride… so go on.

This articles is dedicated to Rachel, my first bars student, who asked me to share my stories as she found them inspiring. Thank you for your contribution, Rach 🙂

This articles is all about today and how I was able to make it one of the most interesting days of my life thanks to Access Consciousness –  hooohooo…. how does it get any better than this?

Yesterday was a bit of a lull day and I was wondering what I am supposed to be or do in life. So when I woke up, I asked Gary’s famous question ‘what can I be or do different today to make my life worth living?’. As I went on with my morning routine I chanted the motto of Access Consciousness which is ‘All of life comes to me with Ease, Joy & Glory’.

At 8:24 in the morning, I got a call from my Ex-Boss and he said, “I am putting you on speaker and you are joining our meeting. I want to have your opinion on ….. “. Well, can I ask for any better excitement than joining a meeting with complete strangers and without any notice?  The questions followed and answers flowed with ease, joy and glory.  I was thanked for my contribution to the meeting. How does it get any better?

Even after putting the phone down, ideas for resolving their issues never stopped flowing. I emailed him that I could contribute more with no obligation as I totally enjoy it. Here I am – a simple individual willing to contribute for free to a global company which influences many people’s financial reality …. I really felt expansive. To be honest – bigger than the global company 🙂 How lucky I am to have this experience? I was over the moon with this experience and to bring me back to the earth, I got into my accounts… people who hate accounting, welcome to my world… but I was able to understand my accountant and ask some sensible questions – all that in an hour against one day of my original estimate. Not bad, uh? What else is possible?

It was 10 min 11 and I chose to get into the space for a healing session I was offering at 11 AM. I pulled in energy from all the light beings in the universe and the universe itself, trickled it thro’ to the session, cleared all my DJCCs about the session, asked loads of questions how I/earth/J (who was receiving the session)/universe  can be ESC for the session. The session went so well and lifted my vibration even further. At the end of the session, I felt so expanded as if I was in a trance… how did I get so lucky?

This is what J mailed me after the session:

//I want to thank you again for the wonderful healing today, I cannot express how grateful I am to you and all the Guides and Beings of Divine light for releasing, clearing and healing so much! I feel like I can see clearly again 🙂 although I’m not entirely sure what I mean by that ! 🙂 You are a blessing, thank you and I send you much love for being who you are. I can really feel that I am now so open and free to attract this man into my life whenever it is the right time. //

and J has booked another session for someone else… More of this please, universe… 🙂

Right…  by then I was buzzing with loads of energy and decided to go to the gym to spend all that. On the way to the gym (25 min walk) I kept asking questions like ‘What does this life/living/reality/I/my heart mean to me’ and kept running clearing statements on all that came up… guess what, my training session went so easy and I had more energy to extend my one hr session… It is not just that I was able to cross over to cardio zone from fat burning zone for the first time since I have started using the gym…  How does it get any better than this? What else you can do for me, universe?

I ran more clearing on ‘being in this reality’ when I was walking back… I felt so light and clear and had strong urge to write about all this. While writing, some heaviness (totally not mine) came over  me that needed some clearing… I guess my new ‘brighter’ self attracted some darkness that wanted to return to the source… I sent it back with consciousness attached and also ran BHCEEMCs process to remove any stuck energy… woohooo…. Is this me being all of me? Not yet… but I guess it is one big leap today towards being that…

Having had an interesting day, I now ask what ESC can Dain, Gary and all of you be for me to become a Certified Access Facilitator ASAP? 🙂

Here I come, Julia…. for level 1 this week end… What ESC can you be for me to be all of me? 🙂

All of you who are reading this, what contribution can I be for you to be all of you? 🙂

Love, Light, Laughter and Joy, Nimi