How I be!

How I be!

Hi there everybody,

How have you been?

I had a blasting tour of consciousness covering Singapore, Malaysia and India. What a grand trip that was! You know what, when I left home for a 3 week long trip, I only had two classes with a few confirmed participants. But I went anyway following the energy and ended up doing classes for 16 days… in fact, at a stretch in 12 days I did the following classes:

Taste of access – 2
Bars class -4
Foundation -2
Level1 -2
Expanding your finance with ease -1
Expanding your relationship with ease -1
… and loads of private sessions too!

How joyful it was to be expanding consciousness in another part of the world! How did I get so lucky?


In fact, we had 20 sign ups from about 80 participants of the Taste of Access class in Johor Bahru. That was 25% success rate… How cool is it! I am so grateful to my team in Malaysia for being the energy, space and consciousness for this grand results. Here is what a Johorean posted on the Facebook:

The ” tsunami of Consciousness ” has hit Johoreans. With Nila’s guidance, more Johore Indians will become conscious of their being and the Universe. Nila is the Moon who has given light to many lives and my personal thanks to her and her team mates Kugan,Candramoan for sharing the wonderful experience with us. 

Dr.P.N. Balachandrah

Wohoo… how can I outcreate that now? 
Oh, almost forgot… My interview was published in the Newsletter from Access Consciousness, South East Asia. You can find the link here:
As many people started asking me how I created this, I did a webclass called ‘Expanding your business with Ease’. That was my largest paid webclass so far! People from all over the world signed up even if they could not attend the class live. Well, all the participants received the recording and the presentation. That class was only the highlights and I am doing a 3 part webclass with a workbook shortly. This will cover the following:
22nd Sep class: Expand your Business with ease – call 1 (Tools and exercise for conscious creation)
29th Sep class: Expand your Business with ease – call 2 (You are the most valuable commodity)
6th Oct class: Expand your Business with ease – call 3 (clearing the stagnation)
These 1 -1.5 hour classes cost just 25 USD each and if you book all of them together, it will be 60 USD (you save 20%!). You get the work book only if you book all the 3 classes. But you get the recording for each call. How does it get any better than this?
For more details and registering:
What other classes would you like me to create?

I m also doing a ‘Abundance with ease’ free web class on Wednesday just for fun. Space is limited to 25 people and so please register, if you like to attend:

I’ll send another email with a couple of tools that could help you create your phenomenal life.

Much grateful,