How many labels are you constantly defending?

How many labels are you constantly defending?

How have you been? This time, Nila again.

I had the urge to write about addiction because there is an important aspect, we easily miss..

What if we are the ones holding on to addiction? It seems totally counter-intuitive, right? Why don’t you try this for yourself?

Pick up a behaviour that’s uncontrollable. Can you ask this question to yourself: Is there a wanting to be the person with this behaviour? Dig really deep! If you give yourself permission to be brutally honest, you will find it. Once you find that you are the one who wants it, you can let it go.

On 28th Oct, we are going to be looking into the identities we want to hold on to for various reasons – the labels we defend uncontrollably and make our lives a constant fight. Letting go of the identities has given me heap loads of freedom! If you would like to experience that, join me for the Going beyond the greatest of addictions call:

Advanced Light Key Blueprint course – is here!

How have you been enjoying your journey with Light Keys so far? Some of the testimonials amaze me, like the one below –

“I stopped drinking alcohol and eating meat the last 3 months, re-united with some old friends I haven’t seen for over 2 years, stopped having anxiety about money, feel more empowered to be the creator of my reality.”

Are you ready to take the next step and advance further in your journey into mastery? Invite you to join this course and manifest your desires quickly through additional processes and keys.

Topics covered:

1. Light key Exponentiators
2. Using numbers with keys to physicalize your desires
3. Creating girds to contribute to healing and manifestation
4. Awareness key to expand your awareness effortlessly
5. Tuning into the light (A very powerful 21 day awakening process)
6. Reading the energy from practice sheets

Joyous Body – Free group call
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How does kindness help with healing?!
Is it practically possible to be kind to people who are unkind to you? Invite you to try this simple exercise to tap into kindness, already available in your life, and heal the situation. Did you know – you can tap into kindness from movies too? Curious to know more, click here


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Magic with vortex of light – Moving into Joy by releasing memories

Instant Relief Protocol (formerly called ‘Quick Fix Light Key Protocol’)

Magic with vortex of light – Emotional balance and vitality


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