How many people are you carrying?

How many people are you carrying?

How are you?

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I have been busy – channelling new processes and protocols on a daily basis almost. Feeling really blessed to be able to do this life changing work.

Recently, I got a download for healing resentments and so, I decided to write to you on this topic today.

If you feel heavy in your body, ask these following questions:

How many people am I carrying?

How much of this is mine?

You may be surprised at the awareness you receive from these questions.

When you hold resentment toward another, it is literally like carrying them & their resentments. They may have hurt you once but by carrying that resentment, you tend to replay the same moments and hurt yourself repeatedly. Besides, suppressed resentment manifests as physical discomfort or dis-ease as somehow this energy tends to grab your attention.

Resentment keeps you stuck. If you acknowledge that you are responsible for everything that shows up in your life and no one else to blame, then there is no one to forgive. However, most of us do not function from this highest form of self awareness. We are so conditioned to go into blame or shame leading to long standing resentment towards the self or others. Then, forgiveness is one of the best options to liberate yourself.

“To forgive is the highest, most beautiful form of love. In return, you will receive untold peace and happiness.”

― Robert Muller

Are you now aware how many people you are carrying? Would you like to let them go and release yourself from this slavery? Even though forgiveness is a simple choice, I have heard people saying, “I will never ever ever be able to forgive them”

This is like drinking poison and then waiting for the other person to die. Regardless of the circumstances, your resentment ONLY IMPACTS YOU. Just let it go. It is that simple!

In case you have bought into the idea that you are unable to forgive, the light key forgiveness protocol can help. This is a simple protocol any one can do to get out of the resentment rut. For me, a long standing resentment was completely gone from intensity 8 in about 5 min and the relief was life changing.

I am going to do a free call for Light key practitioners on Sunday to walk them through this protocol. You might have already received the link for registration, if you have purchased the Light Key basic course. These are the kind of side benefits you receive from this course that I had written to you about last week:

If you are considering starting the practice, I recommend that you join us before Sunday so that you can also receive this forgiveness call. Practitioners are experiencing expansion in every area of their life:

“This seems like a moment where I have become aware that I am living as the keys. I feel blessed and abundant and I am so so so grateful moment to moment. It is reflecting in my environment. Have 63 or 64 people signed up for the money program I am currently doing. Connectors showing up for the future programs at local and international level…
I enjoy a sense of peace, ease, security and feel absolutely unconditionally loved. That in turn creates more of a more beautiful life. Life gets more and more beautiful moment to moment in every way.

Thank you Nila for these beautiful life changing keys. I am super grateful for them and for you”

― Smriti, India

Please do not join the course, if you are not ready for huge shifts:

Light key protocol for healing Abuse/Trauma

If you have repeating patterns in life, it is possible that you are stuck in time when an abuse or trauma occurred. A series of simple steps channelled by Nila gently lifts you and helps you move forward in life. The best thing about this process is that you do not have to relive the memories. Finally, you can now move forward from being a victim to master of your life. This protocol can be practiced by anyone and it only takes a few minutes. No prerequisites.

“It was incredible – one abuse after the other showed up – I used the protocol and could literally feel the abuse clearing – so I basically cleared one and the next one was waiting already – very powerful – I would rate the change from an 8 down to 1 – can feel it still in my body”

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What more magic can we create together?

Infinite gratitude,