How Much Gold can you make?

How Much Gold can you make?

How much gold are you carrying within you?

What if all the density and intensity you are experienceing is valuable energy you have not acknowledged? What if you can transmute this energy into anything you desire including gold, diamond or wealth?

Curious? Join Nila to transmute everything you don’t like to something shiney and valuable in your universe.

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Your Pamper Fest for Feb doesn’t end here- Free JBP Group Healing Session

The free group healing session with Tamanna is happening on the 6th Feb.

JBP healing is deeply relaxing and transformational. It unlocks the magical parts of your body for healing, wellness and improved immunity.

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“Hi, Good morning Nila Ma’am, This is a feedback for yesterday’s group healing JBP , Ma’am I could feel the vibration in my head and also in the body later on not actual vibration but I could feel that I am vibrating on higher frequency. It was like a spiritual high I would say😃. I got emotional and was listening to my favourite music from 70’s and 80’s, posted old Ambassador car adds from the same era in my WhatsApp status and was missing others’ first car. I sometimes get this emotional when I get drunk 😁 that’s why I said spiritual high.also I had attended group healing JBP but yesterdays experience was different and it felt more  powerful,did anyone else felt so or similar ? Anyway Thank you Ma’am and everyone else for the lovely contribution 😃💐💐💐🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻”

“Thank you Nila for today’s session it cleared a lot for my childhood self rejection and now I love10 on10.thank you dear.the energy was totally different today.”

“My heartfelt gratitude to everyone who JBP for me. That combined with group JBP session which I heard atleast for 3 times since yesterday has made me feel amazing. The confirmation where NIrmala felt I was not even looking unwell is another great contribution. Hdigabtt? Earth medicine experience was amazing. Feeling loads of gratitude since then.”

Heal With the Sirian Elders

Expert Healers Tamanna, Raina and Deepa will bring deep transformation in your body by detoxing, removing stuck energies and rejuvenating your body in all its layers by invoking the blue light from the Sirian Planet, along with the Sirian Elders. The Sirian Elders are an evolved race of light beings that are showing up to contribute to your well being.

This is a 11 day healing journey.

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“Sirian sessions have helped me gain more clarity in many areas of my life, and the healing energies are just wonderful “

“I’m truly looking forward to the transmissions, especially the one by Sirian elders that can help release the past. Of late, I have been having times where i find it extremely difficult to snap out of excuses or blame in spite of awareness of the nature of what I am going through. It’s almost like i have the knowledge yet i am unable to apply it.”

“Soothing energy , initially it came as waves of blue and then became like a funnel..lots of energy in my head…Thank you, Tamana, Deepa, Raina It was very soothing”

Get the Audience You Desire

What if you are walling off your crowd? Are your beliefs holding your audience at bay? Join Crowd Puller with Facilitator Winnie to learn simple, super effective techniques. Winnie used the techniques to improve her health by dissolving resistances she had around being with people. It also helped her realize her dream of becoming an author.

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