How open are you to receive?!

How open are you to receive?!

How have you been?

We have talked many a times about being open to receive. Have you wondered how open you are to receiving? In a recent facilitation, Nila shared her awareness about skin conditions and how it may indicate your level of receiving – it was an amazing one with many ‘aha’ moments, not only for the participant but for many viewers too. Click on ‘Session to heal psoriasis’ link at the end, to hear more.

10 powerful ways to become a people magnet!

“Everything is energy. You are an energy magnet, so you electrically energize everything to you and electrically energize yourself to everything you want.” – Rhonda Byrne

How do you energize yourself to attract everything you want? What if it is all possible by raising your vibration and by shining your light so bright?

Looking to be a people magnet to create more harmony in your family circle and/or friends’ circle? Or are you looking to grow your business and have an amazing audience who loves to receive you? Looking to attract nurturing and kind people in your life?

Now may be the time  to come out of hiding and be an invitation to people so that they can find you. Like to explore more ? We invite you to this group coaching call where Nila will be sharing 10 practices that can help you be a people magnet.

Instant Relief Protocol (formerly called ‘Quick Fix Light Key Protocol’)

Typically, Light key protocols are a series of steps using Light keys, frequencies, processes, etc. But this one is different – it is cute and hilarious.

If you love the drama of complicating issues, love to work hard to resolve an issue – then this protocol may not be for you.

Few feedback on Quick Fix protocol from Light Key practitioners:

“What will we worry about? ,This call has made things so easy. Loved this call.”

“Hello beautiful people. thank you so much Nila for the quick fix protocol, absolutely loved its simplicity! Yesterday was in a situation where I literally needed a quick fix annnd I had it, in just three steps! just thought of sharing it here and thanking you Nila “

“Nila got a awareness where I was cursed. I saw the situation and cursed to be inflicted with pain. Something shifted so much in my body. Gratitude for this ease “

This protocol not only fixes the issues but also helps with creating more.

Are you willing to have it too easy? Invite you to embrace ease, grace, and humour with this protocol.
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November Lightlogue Experience

How deep is your conversation with light? Like to go deeper or if you would like to start today – lightlogues are always waiting for you! The themes for November are:

  • Revitalizing breath
  • Healing for eyes
  • Ease with Self expression
  • Healing bones

Receive one weekly, colour them and experience the love of light!

Session to heal psoriasis!

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