How the 5 year old Tanay stopped the rain!

How the 5 year old Tanay stopped the rain!

One good thing about the children is that they believe in magic and make some effortlessly.  When we saw Tanay, a 5 year old Light Key Practitioner’s video on light matrix, Nila decided to have a conversation with him. For sure,  this little magician stole all our hearts when he shared his experiences with light key tools and how he even stopped the rain by using them. Check out the video at the end. Must watch!

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“My daughters intensity is 0 now for fear of talking to people. She also says that she feels very happy and have gained confidence through this process. She is a very quiet person keeping to herself. Never wants to talk to people. Now when she says she gained lots of confidence, i am very happy. Very grateful. Thank you so much.”

Video link for Nila’s conversation with Tanay:

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