How the power of allowance expands my business!

How the power of allowance expands my business!

How have you been?

How have you been? This is Nila this time. I had to write to you to share how the universe is helping me with my business

In the beginning of the year, I playfully asked to double the business. Since then the enquiries for my IT business is growing and my healing division felt stuck because my team could not quite get a grip with my speed in spite of their best efforts. I was frustrated, they were sorry and I decided to slow down which frustrated the business team. It was a catch 22!

Situation was made worse by people leaving for better opportunities. Well, incorporate world healing is not a domain you like to have in your CV, can I blame them?

On one side, demand was growing. on the other side, we could not scale up. At one point I was extremely angry and that was the actual turning point. I realized that all these started happening after I asked for more! I sensed that universe was just doing the spring clean to get more in! I also acknowledged that the anger was the manifestation of my potency and simply expanded my allowance for all this.

The reverse flow continued with a big blow of a key resource dropping off because of bad health.  (Yeah, yeah… not everyone receives healing from Light keys and the founder :)). The team panicked and I was very chilled because at that moment I was very sure that something big was coming our way.

Guess what, the next day, a light key practitioner who is a senior manager in a big corporation, offers her help at no cost as a Chief Technical Officer. Oh man! How is it even possible? Her profile was unimaginably impressive –  much more than what I could have asked for. I have been hunting for a suitable person for this position for years for my IT division but no luck and see, the healing division hits the jackpot. No power at all for light keys, yeh?

The moral of the story is when things seem like falling apart, they may be falling perfectly together! Just chill!

De-constructing illness with Star matrix

Would you like to experience a travel, spiritual journey, into your body, and as you do – how about identifying the root causes of your illness and still – how about clearing it with powerful beings of the universe?

Sounds mystical?  Couple of shares:

“Thank you, Nila and all the beings for this wonderful ‘out of this world’ experience, truly grateful!”

“An amazing experience and travel within the body in the presence of light beings – have I really been holding on to this? Tears rolling down.. as I release -much gratitude”

On popular demand, this class is back.

Choose to release the programs holding your illness with Goddess Isis and Archangel Metatron as Nila guides you through this magical experience– an opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss. We wonder what magical doors of possibility, with your body and being, would this open for you?!

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