How to handle your inner child!

How to handle your inner child!

How have you been?

At what age did you decide you don’t deserve happiness? Do you often hear the voice in your head criticising you? Whose voice is that?

These are few questions Nila asks Kim in this gift facilitation to brings out the deep trenched fears, conclusions and judgements she has been carrying around. You would enjoy the processes of how Kim chooses to step up –  in the process you might release blocks and embrace the chid within you. Link to the video at the end!

Conscious body protocol – on offer this month!

Willing to go deeper and shed emotional baggage with ease? Conscious Body protocol is all about that.

“It was a blissful release for me. And I am very sleepy since the class- I would like to sleep for days together. 😀😀 Sometimes I wonder – hey how much would I release – class after class from this body. Then it strikes I am not releasing from my body alone….💡”

We invite you to unveil the unconscious choices you have been making with your body and present an opportunity to change, keep or let go of them. An opportunity to really have ease, choice and freedom with your body.

Finding your Super Power 

From shedding baggages to exploring your super powers! How does that sound?

What if you really had a super power? And what if you don’t need anything so dramatic like a spider-bite or calamity to befall, for you to recognise your super power?

What if it’s really easier to find your super power  than you believe? Quoting Wayne Dyer, “By banishing doubt and trusting your intuitive feelings, you clear a space for the power of intention to flow through.”

Willing to banish the doubt  and embrace empowerment, clarity, expansion – all with a dose of fun? We welcome you to join us in the group coaching call to explore this possibility. Get  pleasantly surprised at your powers!

Light Key Expert Healer (Certified course)
Light key system is expanding and as of today consists of many effective techniques. Nila has  now received very potent new processes and techniques to enable the practitioners to contribute to others through blessings and attunements (energy transmission).

In this class, you will learn:

  • How to do Light key attunements: Prosperity, Harmony & Wellbeing
  • How to do Light key blessings
  • Using Light Key vortices for magical changes
  • Adv uses of the Light key techniques & elements

Apart from learning, you will also be receiving 3 attunements from the class.

The certification entitles you to use the Light key techniques in private sessions with clients. What more doors of possibility and prosperity would this open up for you?

How to handle your inner child?

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