My magical manifestation story!

My magical manifestation story!

Nila writing this time. How have you been?

Have you heard of my story about how I specifically manifested a living space with Magnolia tree?

I like to play – a lot – just like a child! We had a 21-day manifestation game in the group and I was asking for a home with home theatre and magnolia tree, variety of outfits and jewellery etc.

Guess what, within 2 months, we actually moved into a spacious property with magnolia tree in the front and a cool home theatre. The number of outfits more than doubled since then and so has the jewellery. It is definitely not the first-time playing games helped me to create more.

Some of us have the point of view that creating prosperity is hard work We got to earn the life we desire. What if there are fun ways to create prosperity? I am going to share 21 simple games that can help you manifest what you desire on Friday, 12th March. Join me, if you like to have it with ease and fun 🙂

Facilitator Training for People Magnet and Crowd Puller Courses
Have you wanted to become a facilitator but was always on the fence? We make it easier for you! A golden chance to teach two powerful courses –  at an unbelievable price.

Crowd Puller would help you to release the limiting energies that don’t allow you to show up as you are and attract the audience you have always desired – be it professional or personal!

People Magnet gives you 10 practices to shine your light so bright that no one can resist you.

Here is feedback from the classes:

“Thank you Nila for such a wonderful call yesterday on the 10+ tools to be a People Magnet. Today I used one of the tools to call for the right person that could bring a solution at work and lo and behold….I received the help we asked for Like I mentioned yesterday on the call I am doing more events and videos for my organization, since the crowd puller call. And since the Star Glow facial, I am being noticed and recognized by the Management for various projects. Cant wait to see what magic this class creates. Thank you Nila for introducing thr magic of Light in my life. Lots of love.”

Would you like to spread the magic? Join the family of Light Key facilitators:

Light Key Frequencies for attracting money – a free call
Ready to wave the magic wand? How about using it to attract money?

Are you a Basic Light Key frequencies practitioner? If yes, join Nila in this free hangout to learn how to use these frequencies creatively to unlock possibilities with money for you.

Follow your lightness to expand your business

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