How to raise above bullies!

How to raise above bullies!

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Raising above bullies

Bullies are people who have deep pain. They try to transfer the pain to others by acting out. Truly! Check your life for bullies and look through them. You will realize this.

What if instead of fighting bullies, we can raise above their vibration of pain with kindness. It’s really simple. Give it a try.

Next time when someone is aggressive, send ‘waves of kindness’ to them. It is a Light Key frequency and it does wonders. Even children have used it very successfully at school.

We are going to be looking into more such tools to create ease with any system such as school, employment, life etc. in the Ease with School series. It starts on Sunday with a super cute ‘Ease & Grace Protocol’ which was channelled exclusively for this series. This series is for all ages and the best thing is children attend for free when their parent registers. What if we can all choose this period of pandemic to look within and find the light in us? I invite you to join me for this series:

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