I unleased two tsunamis today!

I unleased two tsunamis today!

How have you been?

This is Nila writing to you this time.

Right now, I am so excited and wanted to share my experience right away.

Today I had back to back sessions with two amazing ladies who underwent extreme abuse in their lives. I was touched by the spark they had in their eyes at the end of their sessions as if they finally found themselves; as if they finally saw how amazing and potent they are! They were both able to tap into their inherent wisdom, strength and courage they had in them and could not wait to share it with the world. One of them even got her book title! I wish I could play these sessions for you!

I know abuse is made very solid and heavy in this reality and victimhood is glorified. If you look deeper, you can see a totally different perspective in almost everything. That’s what we did in these sessions – rise above and look at things differently. I have never been prouder than this moment as I have played a tiny part in unleashing two powerful beings to expand the light and lightness in the universe. I am pretty sure that they are going to touch a lot many lives than they ever imagined possible. I wish I can explain better how elated I feel!

But hey, you can experience this yourself by facilitating others with the Advanced protocol to heal abuse and trauma! This is a certified class and gives you the procedure to work with your clients to heal abuse and trauma. If it calls you, join us for this class on Dec 10th and get certified. I can tell you with utmost confidence that you will thank yourself for it 🙂


Can you really miss this possibility?

It’s one year since we launched our first Light key course. Since then we have created about 30 courses, reached 40 + countries with about 20 facilitators teaching these courses!

To honour this expansion, we are coming together to offer you an amazing 11-day magical journey with Light Key System. You get 11 different healing sessions just for 33$ – yes, you better believe it! 3$ per high vibrational healing session – can you miss this? What a grand way to heal, evolve and embrace your light and create a bright new future?


Speaking of a Bright new future, Nila is offering a gratitude gift of 63$ when you choose the monthly experience with her to get ready for the new year. This package contains the following:

  1. Being your rock- tapping into your strength & trust
  2. Initiation into the sacred fellowship of lighthood
  3. Expanding your consciousness – an intense spiritual journey
  4. December Lightlogue Experience (weekly lightlogues)

When it rains, it pours… doesn’t it? Feel free to claim your gift:

Invite you to experience a simple yet profound healing exercise to release intensities you feel within your body.

Harmony with Waves of Kindness


List of Upcoming Classes:

Being your rock – Tapping into your strength & trust

Training for Facilitator of Level 1 Light Key Protocols

Expanding your consciousness – Intense spiritual journey

Light Key Protocol for Conflict Resolution – Certified


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