If every cell of your body can generate 1 cent?

If every cell of your body can generate 1 cent?

What happens when your body gets happy and begins to co-create with you? Would it drop judgment? Would it move to the beats of your soul? Or sing its heart’s desire?

Watch Nila’s reel where she has beautifully expressed herself, willing to receive judgment and creating more with the energy. Guess what happened? People fell in love with it!


When you love yourself, your body, and it loves you back, what magic can you create?

What are the messages your body is whispering (okay, screaming!) that you are yet to decode?

What are your set standards and perceptions of health that you are constantly endeavoring to meet? What does health mean to you?

What if you don’t do what is need to be done to function optimally because your set point of health was too low? Or, maybe, you push too much because the setpoint is way too high.

Would you like to find your optimal health? Decode the thriving zone for your body?

Imagine, all the 50+ trillion cells in your body generating money, smiles, pleasure….

Join the Health and Body Intensive Series where Nila will lead you to uncover your own truths about your health and body.

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Join here: https://infinitehealing.co.uk/event/health-and-body-intensive-call-2/ 

Here is Smriti’s share:

When Nila reached out to me asking if this series would be a contribution I jumped at it. Like I said, healing is a journey and each call unravels some unconsciousness. 

Thanks Nila for reaching out. I hopped on last minute. The call was phenomenal. All of us on the call got some great insights into what’s going on with our bodies. 

The series has begun. The first call was yesterday. It’s my personal invitation to each of you to tune in and see if this series will be a contribution to your body and your life. I know that it’s only going to get more intense and one will have to dive deep to the point of getting uncomfortable. But I also know that deep change lies beyond comfort zone. 

I am happy and grateful despite what my body has been through and is going through. This equanimity has gotten built over long 10 years. 
What if you can fast track your journey into consciousness with this Intensive series? 

You can still join in. Listen to the replay of the 1st call and join live for the remaining 3.”

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