Incredible Offer on Your Healing Companion

Incredible Offer on Your Healing Companion

How are you?

Nila has been featured in Mystic Magazine, a renowned web platform dedicated to helping people discover the best psychic reading websites online.

Here is the link to her interview with Sarah Kirton:

If you wished to create magical changes in your life, what would your magic wand look like? Could it be a simple drawing? What if engaging with an art form could bring your desires to life?

Lightlogues are divine art forms infused with light keys, light key frequencies, numbers and colour frequencies. They establish a personal connection – like a 360 degree portal – with the universe. You can receive messages and information from the universe any time you like through these art forms. The term Lightlogue was given to Nila by the Source of Light and is unique for her work.

The link to the free lightlogue page with gift lightlogues and information about how to use them is given at the end.

Lightlogue offers for kids – including your inner children

As Nila is very fond of children, she likes to invite them to participate in this playful healing experience by colouring and painting.
She is offering 3 lightlogues for just 18$.
The offer is ending tomorrow (30th Nov).  When you purchase, you will also get a 6$ discount coupon for a live lightlogue experience on 1st december with Nila. She is going to be sharing a new fun way of receiving from lightlogues.

Feel free to get these lightlogues for your inner children and join the fun:

There is more. You can also choose the lightlogues that are calling you from the list of 40+/ Get 4 lightlogues for the price of 3! Nila has lightlogues catering to health, relationship, prosperity, wellbeing and more.

Check the magical list here:

How about experiencing more with lightlogue?

Hop on to a call Lightlogue Experience’ where Nila will walk you through an exercise with the lightlogues. Learn a magical technique to create possibilities for life!

Nila also channels lightlogues for individuals. Read how Smriti created magic with her personal lightlogue. For the record, she has facilitated 1000 participants in about a year!

“I am so grateful for my choice to request Nila to channel the lightlogue and book the channeling with her. I was so excited about it but had no expectations of the how and when.

When it did show up..omg..I knew right away what I was being told by those keys. It was mind blowing and it enveloped me with a sense of peace and security I have never known before. It’s like a knowing that finally became cognitive. It has given me a renewed direction. I am so so grateful for the keys. Thank you Nila.

Something in me shifted so deeply. A kind of security that I have never felt before. A coming home of sorts. Since then life has taken on an even more beautiful direction. That plus the practice of the 4 keys have steered me in a new direction.

I have found fabulous books to read stumbled upon beautiful music for me and the meditations I facilitate. Joined a Bhagavad Gita class to go deeper into the mysteries of life.

I was inspired to announce a few classes of which one online class started today with 50 plus signups. And so many of them have experienced shifts on day 1 itself.

A joy flows. Life sings. The discomforts become insignificant. All of life contributes to me. I am so so grateful.
Thank you everyone for being the gift you be to me with your choices of greater. Thank you dearest Nila Nimi Nirmala Raju. So grateful for you.”

Let go of the labels and have infinite freedom

Nila posted this recently in the social media:

The more I release my attachment with my business, the more it expands! 3 more countries, 1 more

language added in a couple of weeks.

How much are you limiting your business through your attachments… let it go.

Nila has a class tomorrow (30 Nov) to facilitate you into ultimate freedom. Jump in:

Get your own lightlogue here:

Link to the Lightlogue page:

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What more magic can we create together?

In appreciation of you,
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