Inspiring story of Odelia!

Inspiring story of Odelia!

This is Nila. How have you been? Are you treating yourself well? Are you enjoying your body? Recently I had a gift coaching call and Bhavisha asked me to facilitate her on embracing the body. It was an interesting session. This is what she messaged after the session:

“Thank you so much Nila for the gift ..with these magical tools I have been able to bring shifts in my body …release n let go things that no longer serves my souls purpose .. n above all Embrace myself n my body with ease… 🙏🏻”

Would you like to have that too? See the link at the end of this mail.

Odelia, our task master & the most decorated Light Key facilitator

Odelia from Israel came, no… no… stormed into our lives sometime in August. She kept purchasing classes and completing the certifications at the speed of light and we, the IH team, started to wonder who she was! We knew her as the lady who cruised through the Light Medicine series faster than anyone else.

When Odelia registered her interest in all the facilitators’ course, we did not take it seriously. We thought it was someone who was just humoring us. But soon we got the hang of her seriousness as Odelia started chasing us to deliver the assessments faster, orders quicker and agreements swifter. Team was on high alert when we received a mail from Odelia😊 Her emails put a smile on our faces as they were filled with enthusiasm and energy.

Well, at that point we did not know that she was a single mother with 4 kids, carer of her mother and full-time employee. When we came to know her profile, we were all dumbfounded. We are still wondering whether she sleeps at all because she manages to be on the calls. She does not complain about timing or effort! She simply forges ahead!

Odelia not only completed all the facilitator training but also instigated 3 new facilitator programs – She kept asking, she inspired us to be more. We have heard complaints from people that there are too many Light Key courses but Odelia demanded more! Wow! I personally think that no words can adequately express my admiration for her.

She sure is a driving force for me and the team – our task master 😊

As of now, in 4 months, Odelia has become the facilitator of most number of Light Key classes. As she promised to herself, she has completed all the facilitators course that are available as of now!

Thank you so much for being you, Odelia and we wish you a wonderful birthday full of light, love, laughter and heap loads of joy!

Keep shining far and beyond!

Basic Light Medicine Practitioner – Certified Course (Jan 8th)

“My friend was having back pain since last 2 yrs after her C-section and pain reached to arms, I did body reset last night and here is her feedback in morning “Feeling better coz my arm was paining like hell…even I was literally started crying.but today when I wake was Pretty much better” her back pain is better too. Thankful to Nila for the light medicine course🙏 so simple yet so powerful”

Light Medicine has been received greatly and has created unbelievable changes in practitioner’s body and being. You would have to experience it, to know the magic – absolutely magical changes! Choose to liberate yourself at every level – with this body reset protocol!

We invite you to learn this powerful protocol from Light Key facilitators Jyothi and Saida.

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Embracing the body:


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