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Instant Relief Protocol

💖 Pre-requisites
  • None
💖 Course Content

The universe is kind and has all the resources we require. This protocol simply helps you tap into various frequencies of the universe that can contribute to us in a very simple and hilarious way.

This protocol not only fixes the issues but also helps with creating more.

This product is NOT for the people:

  1. Who wants to work hard
  2. Who does not want ease
  3. Who value complication
  4. Who loves to have it difficult

because they will be very disappointed with the outcome and the product. If you are someone who likes to embrace ease, grace, and humour, join us!

Practitioners have used it on all sorts of upset, work stress, allergic reactions and so on to change them within minutes!

💖 Testimonials

“Thank you Nila for the wonderful class. It felt as if I was been spoken to , exactly what I needed. I have been going through a challenging time at home, and your facilitation about evil really snapped up something in my awareness. I lost my mother to cancer , and being a trained allopath I had a lot of charge around it. Again , the ‘evil’ switched on a lightbulb.. as if it was exactly what I needed to hear. 😊 I could communicate my views and fears to my husband with so much ease. All the wrongness I had been carrying about me since my marriage just melted away. He even commented that what I am doing is making a difference.Weip next.”

💖 What next?

You can either buy self-study course from the shop (by clicking the link below) or find a facilitator near you for an in-person class.

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