International Women’s Day – Cook up a New Life – Challenge Inside

International Women’s Day – Cook up a New Life – Challenge Inside

Nila has channeled a blessing for prosperity and vitality almost 2 years ago – Golden Earth Blessing for Prosperity and Vitality! We are inviting you to a Golden Earth Blessing challenge. It has simple steps:

  1. Listen to the blessing
  2. Share it on a social media handle marking the Day of your challenge
  3. Tag Nila in the post along with 5 friends
  4. Use hashtags #nila #nirmalaraju #lightkeywellnesssystem #goldenearth #blessing #lightkeyfrequencies #healing #abundance #prosperity #vitality

While just listening to the video might create wonders, we are gonna play Santa and award you an exciting gift! Challenge kick starts tomorrow on the Eve of Women’s Day and it is open all month long. Link to the Blessing video is given at the end.

If you wish to invoke the magic of the Golden Earth Frequency yourself along with Universal Kindness and Rainbow ray frequencies, then Nila is going to teach a Live ‘Basic Light Key Frequencies class’

She is also gonna show you how to use them to get unstuck and create more with finances.

Go here to know more and sign up!

Here is what a few practitioners had to say:

“I use frequencies to create peace in my office situations, I had to attend meeting with chairman since my boss was absent, we needed to deliver news that wasn’t matching to his expectations, I did my work before meeting. It went smooth he accepted easily and meeting got over in 15min without unpleasant discussions 😀. Light key frequencies are magical indeed 😍“

“I met a former colleague who also happened to mention upcoming jobs that I could look at. Also, found a collaborator for a venture. Wwit for it to materialize. Life is rolling at a pace that people around are finding difficult to keep up with! The attracting money and advanced command calls were awesome.“

Cook up a crowd and brew it too!
Redefine womanhood by donning a chef’s hat to cook up your life. Quit playing hide and seek and let your brilliance be out in the open with the Crowd Puller course. You will begin to cook up a life where you are not sitting on the fence anymore but deep diving into it head first.

Once you begin to cook, brew it up with the free crowd puller session by Suguna Sathish

Given a choice, what would you cook your life with? We would surely add fun, laughter, joy, self expression and an embodied existence!

Be the Buddha

What just popped into your mind?


Are you kidding me!

Yea right!

Yes. We aren’t kidding anybody. Join ‘Advanced Light Key Protocol for Healing with Medicine Buddha Energy’. You will be initiated into the energy of Medicine Buddha, the consciousness that heals the root cause of all illness and suffering. You can also get certified to use it with clients.

Would you gift yourself this greatness and joy of being? Would you like a glimpse of this centeredness and relive it?

Sign up here. It has some pre requisites, so please be sure you have completed them before you sign up:

For all business owners (even if your business is your life), we have a collection of wonderful exercises for your business to blossom. Offer ends on the 8th March. Check it right away!

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YouTube Video: Golden Earth Blessing for Prosperity and Vitality


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What more magic can we create together?

In Appreciation of you,
Team IH