Invitation to be free!

Invitation to be free!

August is winding up! How has it been for you?

These are some of the messages from the participants of August Blessing streams from the Ancients:

“I’d like to share my gratitudes to you, Dear Nila, and stream with all the Ancients Connect to the stream, is so supportive every time, Keeps me calmer, our Tofu business is expanding, and as if by magic – ancient wisdom is downgliding and all sort of info is coming my way. I know it is the stream support! Looking forward to receive the September’s stream”

“Aug has been one of the best months in the past couple of year for me  lots of patterns changing . I have become more accepting of the things around me and about myself which I have been struggling for a while. I feel like I have once again found joy in life after long had lots of ease with many things . Thank you @NILA and the ancient for all the wonderful contributions this month”

In my opinion, August is the turning point for the expansion – it has set the tone for the future.

I am incredibly grateful for the receiving from the participants thanks to which immersive experiences from Ancients are born! The theme is freedom and the focus is Finance, Health and Happiness. Who wouldn’t want it, right?

I am so excited for the September – especially the immersions. I invite all of you to taste at least one immersive experience. But always follow your heart!

We have the complimentary inclusion of parents/grandparents over 80 in the blessing steam when you sign up!

See you all in September. Happy living, everyone!

❤️Joyous Body Protocol

Dive into the ethereal realm of the Joyous Body Protocol. Harness high-vibration symbols and frequencies to rejuvenate and elevate your body’s innate healing magic.

Become a certified healer and spread this luminous gift to people around you. Let’s journey together towards radiant well-being.

Register here:

“My mother in law has intestinal obstruction. There is no cure but to operate on but the doctors are refusing to touch her as she is frail and is 89 years old. So she usually has stiffness in her stomach after eating. As she feels that I start a JBP on her and it hardly takes 2 min for her to settle down Thank you Nila for this awesome awesome protocol ❤️❤️”

“I would like to share my experience with jbp. Before getting into labor room yesterday I ran jbp on myself along with kindness ball, and wow.. I could push my baby in less than 5 mins when the pain intensified and doc along with sisters there were totally in joy as it was the quickest”

❤️Complimentary Meditation with Vortex of Light for Ease, Peace and Harmony

 In these profound times, my journey with the Vortex of Light Attunement has deepened.

It’s become clear that this serene light holds the potential to guide our planet into harmony and manifest a luminous Golden Earth reality.

When we come together, we create exponential outcomes and so, I am inviting all the receivers of Vortex of Light attunement to participate in the complimentary meditation to create more Ease, Peace & Harmony! You don’t need to register. We will send you the link to join 24 hours in advance. Just block your calendar now.

Date: 5th September 2023
Time: 11:00 AM EST / 4:00 PM BST / 6:00 PM Israel / 8:30 PM India / 1:00 AM AET (Next Day)

❤️If you have not received the attunement yet, we have 3 offers ending TODAY!

  1. For Those Who’ve Experienced It: Reconnect with the evolved Vortex of Light Attunement. Delight in its amplified energy at a gracious 50% discount.
  2. For New Souls: Eager to share this gift, Nila has trained dedicated facilitators. Begin your journey with them and receive an exclusive $11 discount.
  3. For Our Future, The Children: The gentle embrace of the Vortex of Light is now available to all ages. Especially for our young souls aged 15 and under, Nila offers a tender 50% discount.

Check out the details of the offers here:

“I recently took the VOL attunement from Nila. I have no words to express how my body felt the next day. I could relate with a toddler who has no worries, nobody achs, and everything is just play & fun. I was surprised to find myself listening to & enjoying music during work, as I have never done that. I have now signed you for two more attunements.”

“Nila Mam. Enerfies was so powerful i felt immense cleansing happened in throat heart and root chakra. Slept very soothingly yesterday. I wake up with lots of hope. Pai. In body was also reduced. Thank you so much for attunement.”

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