Can your breath contribute to brighter world?

Can your breath contribute to brighter world?

Are you keeping your past alive? Are you choosing to be stuck to your past to hold on to memories? While memories can be a beautiful contribution, lifting up your spirits often times, attachment to memories can keep you from moving ahead and flowing with life. Watch this video to get the sense of how we make memories significant and give up living in the present. Link is at the end.

Are you willing to live your life on your terms?

Fear and Anxiety can keep you scared from choosing the life you wish to lead. Take a moment to think about something or someone that invokes fear within you.

Is the energy indicative of the potency of what you would really wish to do in relation to this situation? Have bought into the mass fear and panic? You might have limited your choices to cater to the fears of those around you. You might have taken on their fears for them to choose for themselves.

Anxiety can cause confusion and chaos. It can make you excited yet unable to take action. The excitement then gets locked in the body and creates symptoms that are actually signals from your body demanding attention. Are you willing to move from anxiety to excitement and drop the overwhelm of not being able to do what you desire?

Join Nila in Releasing Fear, Anxiety and Overwhelm with Advanced Light Matrix Command as she dismantles the structures, foundations and conditioning that keep them in place.
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A share from a previous call:
“Thank you nila…I had a lil pain in my left leg & thigh during the call. And now i am extremely hungry. Looking forward to play the loop constantly for my family too. Much needed😘️I just loved the call. It was my first 😘


Join Nila in this call where she leads a guided meditative journey to experience stress relief and deep relaxation!

You may have heard, Kindness Can Move Mountains. In the call ‘Kindness Key Breath for a Brighter Planet’, Nila brings the magic of high vibrational kindness key with the powerful breath to create the golden earth reality you desire for yourself and this world. What magic would you be when dropped away all the stress, worries, concerns and embraced your mastery with ease?

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Shares from previous breath calls:
“Thankyou Nila 🙏……it was amazing. I had a profound experience and I am hungry for more of such calls”

“I had a great experience so much of energy and vibrations around my body.”

“profound experience,Energy is running even now, , I can feel  even a deeper connection with the master key, now that it has become a part of my breath and body, Thanks Master Key and Thanks so much Nila”

Please note that you have to register for this free call. Link will be sent to your registered email. Recording is available for a small fee.

Manifest with Cosmic Intelligence

The Merkaba unifies the intelligence of various dimensions to create in this reality for you. It goes beyond the mind to bring symmetry to your creation and actualize it. Expert Healer course teaches one to use the merkaba with the light key frequencies and keys to fast track your creation. Expert Healers can join Nila in the Merkaba Meditation for Manifestation LIVE for FREE. Recording is available at a small fee.

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A share:
“This was incredibly powerful. I could feel my conciousness expanding and the energy rising to my crown chakra. Thank you so much for such a beautiful meditative experience”

Join the Wellness Challenge

‘Releasing the Body Weight with Light Matrix’ is here for you to transform and infuse joy in your body.

This product contains 3 audio loops of Light matrix commands for

  1. Releasing the body image.
  2. Releasing the judgements & emotions.
  3. Releasing into lightness.

Share from the Body Wellness – 11 Day Challenge:
“A long awaited begin for yoga classes happened as I let go off the inhibition of being unable to practice it. Immense gratitude to Nilaji nad light matrix to make this happen and opening up many more things on my body level”

“I’m feeling very lightheaded. Wow this is crazy powerful 😍”

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