Is healing an avoidance?

Is healing an avoidance?

What is healing for you?  Are you trying to avoid what is here?
Is there a difference between suppression and letting go?

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Are you willing to receive from your body and others?
Conscious Embodiment is here – it’s today!

How many of you have an awesome relationship with your body?

What % are you in the body? Surprised with your answer! Few of us have rented it out to beings and entities – unconsciously, of course. Few of us experience blocks when we think about nurturing our body!

Willing to know change this – become aware of who else is in charge of your body? Choose to let go and, in the process, embrace who you truly are.

We invite you to join us in his powerful class and experience life to the fullest as life on planet earth starts with embodying our body! Pre-requisite is very simple, you can choose it right away.

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Conscious and Prosperous Healer – Level 2 

Are you looking to take your healing practise to the next level? Are you truly willing to embrace your capacities and infinite nature?

We welcome you to an experiential course which focuses on self-healing amongst others –where Nila would lead you to clear the source of self-judgements & resistance to embrace your power. This would help reclaim your power and open doors to receive more!

Potential Benefits:

  • Sense of strength and power
  • More clarity and awareness
  • Intense self-healing
  • Enhanced receiving

Nila called out that the content is expanding more and more as the manual is writing itself  Choose to embrace your true nature.

Facilitator Training for Break Through Light Key Protocols
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Is healing an avoidance?

Going Beyond time with Golden Globe of Kindness

Tuning into Christ’s Healing Energy – Certified
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