Joy with body!

Joy with body!

Do you enjoy having a body or resent it? I was definitely one of the people who resented having the body. For me, body meant maintenance and it was a chore.

In one of the classes in my training the facilitator asked, “Who is lucky? you having a body or the beings without the body?” and I obviously said, “The beings without the body” and then the facilitator asked, “Well, you have a car and someone does not. Who has more?” 

That conversation did open my eyes. I had not acknowledged that the body helps us to enjoy the beauty – seeing, hearing, touching and what not! When you pass over, you can only perceive all these can’t be sensual. Wow… That was the first time I saw the “usefulness” of the body really 🙂

The “Joyous Body Protocol” from the Light key healing system is the most celebrated too of the system. This self-help protocol gives you such a communion, harmony, choice and freedom with your body. This protocol can also be used on others and see what a practitioner says about this:

“Have been travelling a lot for my exhibitions n yesterday a girl fainted due to heat and crowd…. gave her water n tried to relax her…. she was having severe unbearable headache at intensity of 10 n I used keys n 2 mins her intensity came to 5 n after another 2-3 mins she asked me Wat did I do n what had happened to her and she was absolutely fine with 0 intensity headache n weakness ….. thank you Nila 🙏… people around were thinking as if some great being is there n has done magic 😊but I was giving my gratitude to u Nila ❤”

Once a month, all the practitioners of JBP get together to perform group healing and we invite you to join this free call and enjoy the benefits:

5 Protocols to have ease

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Until we meet somewhere some time, keep shining 🙂

In appreciation of you,