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Joyous Body Protocol

Joyous Body


Help your body to have ease beyond your imagination


Live Your Life in Joy!

The body is the only place each of us can ‘Be’ in. A great reason to take good care of this ‘house’. The Joyous Body Protocol does just that! It is a simple self-help process that helps in bringing out great shifts in the body. The energy of the Light Keys are applied to various parts of the body to create optimal health and restore the body’s healing capacity.

Unlimited Benefits

JBP, as it is fondly called, not only benefits the body but unlocks the places where you limited yourself from receiving the riches of life!
Apart from helping yourself, you can help others too in creating ease and joy in their life!
Certification is included in the class fee with a simple quiz to pass! Yes, you can be a certified healer after this class!

Go healthy and happy!

Stronger immune system
Chronic aches and pains eased
Enhanced the energy flow
Better sleep and deeper rest
Empowered to help others
Overall sense of well-being & vitality

They say…

“JBP MY NEW FACIAL”. No make up, No facewash, Just 15 mins of daily JBP gift to my body with Light Keys ,Have been struggling with 20 yrs of recurring acne on and off since school days. My skin has got clearer now with natural glow…and I would continue giving this beautiful gift to my body with gratitude to Mrs Nila for sharing this simple amazing tool. This is just one of the side benefit when the body feels JOYOUS From INSIDE OUT!!!”

Practitioner's Certification

To experience the JBP, you can book remote Joyous Body Session(s) from certified practitioners,
via our Remote healing service
Become a certified Joyous Body Practitioner via Self-Study course from our shop.
You can attend a live class with a facilitator and get certified. Find a facilitator.

Healing Request Form

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  • Terms & Conditions

    Light Key Healing is not a substitute for traditional medical treatment. If the person receiving the healing has a serious health imbalance, please see a doctor or other appropriate professional. By requesting the healing, you and/or the receiver of the healing are agreeing to the following:

    • You and/or the receiver are taking complete responsibility for the outcome of the healing.
    • Neither Nilacharal Ltd nor the Light Key Practitioners performing the healing are legally responsible for any actions that you and/or the receiver takes.
    • Nilacharal Ltd and the Light Key Practitioners performing the healing make no warranties of any kind, express or implied, to the outcome from the healing.
      The outcomes vary from person to person and it is always the choice of the individual.