❤️ Pre-requisite

One needs to have completed the [Light key Intermediate V3 (OR) Light Key Intermediate Blueprint Course For Life and Beyond-V4] & Joyous Body Protocol courses in order to experience the joyous embodiment.

❤️ Course Content

This class contains advanced protocols and processes to have joyous experience with bodies in the universe.
This course comes equipped with the following to help you do just that :

  • Video recording
  • Manual
❤️ Topics covered
  • Advanced Joyous body protocol
  • Embodying keys and frequencies
  • Wrapping technique
  • The embodiment of kindness process
  • Mineralization and ozonization process
  • Preparation of healing water
❤️ Benefits
  • Physical healing
  • Better circulation and balanced energy flow
  • Expanded awareness of bodies
  • Expansive healing capacities
  • Joyful existence
  • Harmonious interaction with other bodies
❤️ Testimonials

“I have an issue of low bp…low oxygen content in my blood was the diagnosis from doctor. From 2 days I’m doing ozonization and mineralization process. I’m feeling energetic….easy breath, no shortness of breath, no tired feeling. Yes…it’s so amazing. Now I’m able to sit without fan and AC atleast for half an hr. I have tried this…it was never before this…I used to fainted within 5 mins if no fan or Ac is on.Am really grateful to NiLa di for this amazing invention.”

❤️ What next?

You can buy self-study course from the shop on this website or find a facilitator near you for an in-person class.

So are you willing to step up, empower yourself to enjoy your body?

For further queries feel free to write to team@infinitehealing.co.uk