Kindness with money!

Kindness with money!

How have you been?

11 days of magic passed so quickly! The sessions got better and better
– The shifts people experienced just amazed us!

Sharing just a few feedback from the tremendous pour of shares:

“I have never experienced so much peace in each n every cell of my body.. This will remain my routine practise from now onwards.. Thank you”
– From “Healing through Kindness” session led by Light Key facilitators, Elaine and Alona

“Things are moving so fast… probably I m still trying to jot the dots and not able to put in words. But changes are massive….I am exclusively using light matrix to change the limitations.”
– From  “Clear Pathogens with Light Matrix” session led by Light Key facilitators, Saida and Suguna

“My life is different today than it was yesterday. It is quieter, less painful in my body with more awareness and gratitude”
– From  “Light key protocol to feel better instantly” session led by Light Key facilitators, Tagitand Suguna

“The tears are getting stronger the more I sit in this beautiful energy.  The Kindness I feel for myself and others is beyond anything I have experienced before.”
– From  “Spark of kindness” session led by Light Key facilitators, Sunali and Antara

“Thank you Tagit and Odelia. I didn’t realize that light and lightness could be invoked in so many different ways.”
– From “Light Matrix to choose light and lightness” session led by Tagit and Odelia.

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Conflict Resolution Protocol (Certification Optional) is today!

“The question is not, do you have conflicts? The real question is, are you aware of your conflicts?” ― Abhijit Naskar

Our outside experiences are just a mirror of what is happening inside us. Are you consciously aware of the conflicts within you?

If you are experiencing any issues in this reality, it is a reflection of what is happening inside of you. If you are having issues with your body or financial situation, you can choose to change it by ending the related conflicts within.

Would you like to learn the Light Key way of healing the conflict by transmuting the energy of the conflict into kindness & harmony and create your desired reality?

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A bright new beginning– Get ready for 2021 with Light Keys

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Kindness with money

Like everything in this universe, money is also an energy. Energy flows where the attention goes. So instead of concentrating our attention on the lack of it, what would we create if we flow kindness towards money.
Nila shares simple tools to redefine your relationship with money!


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