Last chance to claim 75% discount

Last chance to claim 75% discount

How have you been? Are you using the lock down time to grow and expand? Are you aware that I have been doing many FB lives to support you with that? If not, please feel free to watch them from here:

Acceptance Vs Allowance

When I started my spiritual journey I used to often hear about acceptance and surrender. These words did not resonate with me because they felt like defeat. When the same concept was presented to me as ‘allowance’, I loved it. When I started practicing allowance, the charge on acceptance/ surrender/ defeat/ failure etc., started melting away.

In my experience, I often see that people get stuck because they resist. They resist having it and also resist not having it. Every resistance is a wall between them and the universe. If there is a wall, nothing can come through it – including what you are seeking.

If you are not receiving something, it is you who is rejecting it through your resistance. How many times have you felt rejected by other people? What if it is your resistance to receiving them? Intrigued?

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75% discount

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Free healing class for kids

On popular request, Nila is offering the kids another free class on Friday 03 April. Please feel free to register:

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