Laughed after 20 years!

Laughed after 20 years!

Did you know that children laugh about 400 times a day, but adults on average laugh only about 15 times?
The common emotions adults experience from time to time are fear, pain, frustration, exhaustion, grief, loss that results in incessant stress. The most pleasant and cheapest form of therapy that has the ability to distract our minds from dwelling on negative things is Laughter! We’ve been taught in school that Laughter is the best medicine. It releases the body’s natural feel-good chemical – Endorphin, that promotes an overall sense of well-being, helping us to stay mentally healthy, strengthens our immune system, boosts mood, diminishes pain, and protects us from the damaging effects of stress.

“Where there’s laughter, there is healing” And where there is healing, we have Nila in this video, helping us learn simple technique on how to turn the corners of our mouth, up into a smile and then give a laugh, a chuckle and ignite a fire within the pit of our belly to awaken our being! At the end of the session, Sunita Said she had a hearty laugh after 20 years!

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Lightness in Your Body
Have you noticed how kids have a spring in their step? They jump around all day, run like they have no weight to carry. Then life happens and we slowly accumulate heaviness and lug ourselves.

Bring back the lightness in your body with Basic Light Medicine Course.

The Basic Light Medicine uses elements of the Universe to clear, cleanse and purify the vessel of your soul.

It teaches you a reset protocol which will quickly restore the body a bit more towards its original way of being. Like a factory reset to delete programs and viruses!

Pre requisite is the Vortex of Light attunement. The Vortex of Light helps you shed all that is not yours to enhance your awareness of what things truly are, beyond judgement. Link for the attunement is given on the page.

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A feedback:

“OMG! I happened find photo taken on 13th jun ie top photo, it was before we started Light medicine journey, and this one taken yday, I sense huge energy difference between 2 photos, I am falling in for me flat 🤣😍 feeling light, being light, spreading light, thanks to my partner in light medicine play, Sagari, we have been diligently practicing all protocols on each other, and Iof course thanks to Nila for such a lightening creation 🙏

Creating Life Beyond Conflicts
Every external conflict is a reflection of internal conflicts. If you do not feel at peace with life, then maybe you could take a moment to see if you feel conflicted within. Releasing conflicts can create ease of being and harmony within you and with your surroundings. Join Advanced Light Key Protocol for Conflict Resolution – Certified to create clarity for you and your clients!

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“Thank you Nila … it has been an awesome journey… feeling abundance all around me … in every area of my life … feeling a sense of financial abundance as well as happiness in everything… thank you so much.

“My whole body is vibrating like how! Very intense vibes flowing thru all the meridians”

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