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Law of Attraction Experiment

Law of Attraction Experiment

Miracle diary

I thought of sharing the experiments I have been doing with Law of Attraction with you all.

I came across Pam Grout’s book E-Squared and was inspired to play with some experiments on my own. The objective of these experiments are just to prove to yourself that you create your own reality and what you choose is what you create.

The first experiment suggested by Pam is to ask the universe to send a gift to you within 48 hours. I asked just like I ask my close friend 🙂 and nothing showed up in 48 hours! Well, that’s what I thought until I realized that in a casual conversation within the 48 hour window, a close relative offered to pay for a watch I had bought for 500£. It was so casual that I totally missed this gift. As Dr.Dain Heer says, ‘it does not show up as you expect’ 🙂

Then I was inspired to be more playful and I asked the universe to show me swings at least thrice in one week. OMG, I have been seeing different kind of swings every day in every possible experience and it still continues after a few weeks of my asking.

Encouraged by all these, I asked the universe to show me fluorescent green colour car (which is not very common) within a day. It was very close to the deadline I saw this car in a movie and from then on I keep seeing it everywhere including a new car a close friend got! 🙂

What I realized was that universe does not only bring what you ask for but it brings it in abundance. Do play and let me know what magic you create.

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Thank you for inspiring me to be who I am.

Infinite gratitude,