Let go of your identities!

Let go of your identities!

How have you been?

Have you ever lost someone you love – to someone else? Has this painful experience instilled fear – say a fear, that someone else will be chosen over you? Has this fear been ruling or should we ask ‘ruining’ your life?

We invite you to watch a fascinating facilitation to shift you out the low vibrations- you get facilitated along the way! You would be surprised to observe how your mind holds on to identities and how by just by becoming aware of them and by being brutally honest to yourself, you let- go and create a new reality for you! Link to the facilitation at the end.

Light Key Frequencies – Transformational Processes for body, life and beyond – today!

An amazing opportunity to learn about the magical frequencies from two Light Key facilitators, Saida and Odelia.

Practitioners have used these frequencies to create astounding changes in their lives.

“Hi Nila Madam immense gratitude… Could mobilise a channel of revenue by using the Golden earth Frequency and Rainbow Ray frequency.Its in the baby stage ..yet to grow exponentially..Thanks a lot for channelling this ”

For what reason would you miss this opportunity? Saida and Odelia’s personal invitation for you:

Reserve your space: https://infinitehealing.co.uk/event/light-key-frequencies-transformational-processes-for-body-life-and-beyond-2/

Light Key protocol – to heal abuse and trauma.

You might have heard from many practitioners, facilitators and Nila herself that one of their go-to protocol, when they aren’t sure where to start is – healing abuse and trauma protocol.

It works like a charm. It gives you an awareness of repetitive patterns in your life. A protocol to gently release effects of trauma and abuse from your body and being. You will be amazed how you choose to move beyond abuse and trauma, with ease – after experiencing this protocol.

Light Key facilitators Elaine and Suguna invite you to learn this profound protocol to shift your path and to choose empowerment with ease.


Accelerating awareness – 3 in 1 session

“You are awareness, disguised as a person“ – Eckhart Tolle

Though most of us know this cognitively, how many of us have experienced this? It’s very difficult to put this experience in words. It’s really for you to experience.

We invite you to experience an intense meditative journey to accelerate your awareness, with Nila. What more? When you choose this, you receive a trance healing session with spirit doctors led by Dr. Mosho and blessings from the Source of Light, channelled by Nila.


January offers!

This is simply an astounding offer – you wouldn’t want to miss. When you buy products worth $250, you get to win amazing gifts/attunements directly from Nila!

Letting go of the identities that keep you stuck!


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Training for Facilitator of Basic Light Key Frequencies

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Synchronizing the body with earth for Health, Wealth & Happiness

Light key protocol for conscious manifestation


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