Lets CREATE some more MAGIC and some more FUN

Lets CREATE some more MAGIC and some more FUN

A lot is happening at Infinite Healing….

Many classes, transmissions, blessings are upcoming to take your healing journey to the next level.

✨Energy Transmission from Ascended Master Mary Magdalene

Master Mary Magdalene was among the earliest to witnesses of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and she is hailed as a brave messenger of hope.

In recent times, her mystifying essence has emerged to assist humanity in the era of ascension.

By accessing this potent energy, we can acquire the fortitude and valor to confront any obstacles and foster transformation in our own lives.

To aid us on this path, Nila is presenting an energy Transmission from Master Mary Magdalene.

❤️Here are Some Amazing Shares from Previous Sessions

“Transmissions so very amazing, totally unbelievable! In Navratras I bought Shakti, Mahalaxami and Saraswati transmission. When I ran Shakti transmission I literally felt Shiva and Shakti in me! My right half was Ma Shakti and left half was lord Shiva! I was in aaawww for soooo loooong did it really happen! Then second time I was like let me do it again with all the directions – I felt Ma Durga! Again left in ooomg! Now I just simply listen it, love it and enjoy it. In deep deep deep gratitude to you Nila”

 “After today’s shakti transmission I feeling very active, energetic. Attunements I did today got done in 3 min earlier it used to take 5 6 min.what more magic is available now I wonder”

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Currently, there is a great influx of light that aims to awaken our intrinsic lightness.

Nila conducted a short blessing chamber with this light that resulted in significant transformations for people.

As a result, Nila has decided to establish this chamber for a month.

The blessings received from the chamber will be highly dynamic and will provide precisely what one requires every time. Each person will experience it differently.

This new light will assist in erasing timeline separations, allowing individuals to be more receptive, open to new ways of being, receiving and shining.

❤️Here are Some Amazing Shares from Previous Sessions

“I felt instant connection and suge of energy at my third eye first then immediately experienced a huge energy at my third eye, heart, and naval area at the same time. Felt like there is a source of energy and emitting white, green n orangish yellow color and my forehead, heart n naval area is getting cleasnsed and purified, Also, I experienced an energy sensation at the cntr of both the palms, very subtle one. Thank you for the gift”

“So grateful for this Nila. For me the lights instantly started pouring down like aurora….the light was blowing down on me like brightly coloured wind. I sat amazed. When this settled i saw myself immersed in a of beautiful intense violet-pink-purple-blue and yellow coloured orb. It was a unique experience and i am in such awe n wonder really really really grateful”

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 If Online sessions conducted by Nila have out of the world experiences for most of the participants, wonder what magic will physical sessions with Nila will do!

The coming few weeks are going to be super exciting as Nila is coming to India.

Yes! That’s right!

Nila is coming to spread her love and kindness to city of Chennai and Mumbai

 ✨Luminous you — A Mini Retreat In Chennai

In this mini-retreat, Nila will take you and your body on a journey to release the densities and intensities in your body, mind and spirit that you might have been carrying through life times & generations to help you bring out the light and magic within you.

This is a completely experiential body work session where you can let go, relax and evolve like never before in the healing chamber. Nila creates a very safe, gentle and kind space for you to step into the magical fields of possibilities.

❤️Here are Some Amazing Shares from Previous Sessions

“I do feel the difference. It is very relaxing and whenever I here, I change my intentions as I require at that point in time and therefore it can be used every time differently. Hats off, Nila.”

“I had sharp heaviness in my neck & top of my head ( like a metal brace) when I lifted my left ankle & sharpness in the base of my back when lifting my right ankle. This eased as the class went on & I did a lot of belching. Still belching & feeling lighter, thank you

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✨Magical and Miraculous Living – Full Day Retreat in Mumbai

 What if manifesting what you desire is a child’s play? What if you could Simply Ask and Receive?

What if you could be that limitless and infinite being?

Would you like to step into your greatness and enjoy the bounty of life?

Join Nila for a day filled with body work, workshops, spiritual journeys, and divine transmission to experience this magical and miraculous way of living. You’ll leave transformed and enlightened.

❤️Here are Some Amazing Shares from Previous Sessions

“Dear Nila Mam, Today was such a hectic day for me, had electrical repairs going in in the house. In the evening I was feeling so tired, I just couldn’t do the cleaning, my whole body was aching. I started commanding the Light Matrix & it worked like magic. I was high on energy & finished all the cleaning. Thank you Mam. The Command is Magically Miraculous.”

“I tripped and pulled a muscle in my back. The family wanted me to take a pain killer. Instead I used light matrix. The pain was not very severe but I had a fear that it would escalate. I used the key for releasing fear. I visualized it on my back. I am fine now.Thank you Nila the light keys and light matrix. “

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 ✨Advanced Light Matrix Transmutation Grid — Certified

The basic class previously taught practitioners how to create a simple Light Matrix Transmutation Grid for self-help purposes, using the elements of the universe to transform limitations into joyful manifestations.

Now, in the advanced class, practitioners will learn how to create grids for others and incorporate additional elements of the universe for faster manifestation.

This class shall be conducted by Smriti Shivdasani

 ❤️Here are Some Amazing Shares from Previous Sessions

“I too am feeling so light. And am feeling the grid is already working What if I don’t need the knee replacement, how would that be ! Thank you so so much Nila for bringing ease in our lives with so much ease”

“I just love it… this whole grid thing connected me immediately to the memory & knowing of the magic I can be and change anything… and that alone makes me happy already !”

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