Lets Upgrade Ourselves!

Lets Upgrade Ourselves!

Nila, with her psychic and intuitive capabilities keeps opening new doors of possibilities so that we can keeping upgrading ourselves in this beautiful journey of self-healing and exploration.

Please read below to have a sneak view of what new and exciting is happening at Infinite Healing

❤️Basic Light Key Protocol for Baby Peace

If you would like to soothe your nerves, calm your mind and sleep and rest deeply, then this protocol is for you.

This is a simple and short protocol that uses the power of light keys and frequencies in a sequence to create that soothing and nurturing experience for you.

It can come in handy after a long trip or a tiring day or on days when you are just not able to relax.

This class shall be conducted by Tamanaa Goplani

Here are Some Amazing Shares from Previous Sessions

“I got lucky doing baby peace and the weight loss call back to back.I slept like a baby after years .slept for 10 hours. Just woke up.I have been having body spasm every night and when I fall asleep my body hurts and it’s so painful..this is been since almost 3 years .and I’m living with it.Last night was bliss .My body was so light and relaxed .No pain for a single minute.I woke up differently .I could walk with ease no joint pains.I’m a embodiment of ease Thank u so much for this amazing class Thank u so much Nila for having created this.Thank u so much Universe.”

“Today I had a sound sleep, deep sleep. Work up early than my usual time still am feeling fresh. Never had such a deep sleep post deliveries. It was like I slept after yrs n yrs.”

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❤️Releasing the Implants, Imprints and Foreign Elements from the Body with Sirian Elders

Sirian is an advanced race from planet Sirius, who are contributing to the ascension of the planet. In this session, Nila will take you on a healing journey with the Sirian Elders to release implants, imprints and foreign elements from your body which are not contributing to you.

This will help to restore the original glorious blue print of the bodies and have a joyful embodiment.

Here are Some Amazing Shares from Previous Sessions

“Yesterday my yoga teacher asked for water and I mixed some Sirian healing charged water into her bottle (just felt like giving her some). Today she came in and said she felt very Happy all day….there were Happy harmones and was curious to know how did I charge that water!

“I was given a blue gel like thing for healing on the Sirian plane. As I started healing, my body temperature went down, I started feeling chills, teeth gritting, eyes watering a lot. Felt loads of release. Thankyou everyone for receiving”

Click here to Release with Sirian Elders

❤️Energy Transmission from Hathor, Goddess of Love, Beauty and Creation

Hathor is an Egyptian Goddess of love, beauty and motherhood. She is also associated with sun and the sky.

Nila is offering an energy transmission from Goddess Hathor to help you manifest your heart’s desire with and through your body. These energies will help you to embody the love and beauty and set you up for more loving possibilities.

This transmission is for anyone who likes to have more grace, love and perhaps even more sensuality.

Here are Some Amazing Shares from Previous Sessions

“Transmissions so very amazing, totally unbelievable! In Navratras I bought Shakti, Mahalaxami and Saraswati transmission. When I ran Shakti transmission I literally felt Shiva and Shakti in me! My right half was Ma Shakti and left half was lord Shiva! I was in aaawww for soooo loooong did it really happen! Then second time I was like let me do it again with all the directions – I felt Ma Durga! Again left in ooomg! Now I just simply listen it, love it and enjoy it. In deep deep deep gratitude to you Nila”

“Thank you so much Nila Nimi Nirmala Raju . A wonderful experience during the transmission, felt pleasant & calm, could say “Cool as a Cucumber” feeling. I also saw Godess Kali & Mother Mary during this transmission. Thank you so much Nila Mam. Lots of Love, Blessings & Gratitude to you.”

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❤️Private Sessions With Nila

Private Sessions with Nila are laser sharp and precise.

She helps her clients look through the multiple veils of their unawareness, doubts and fears. She helps them clear their limiting beliefs and blocks and helps them create more empowerment and joyous living.

These consultations can either be in person or over phone/skype. Suitable energy healing techniques from her tool kit are also used as needed to address client’s concerns in any area of their lives – physical, emotional, financial and spiritual.

Here are Some Amazing Shares from Previous Sessions

“Thank you so very much, for your awareness, it always bang on! In our private session last night, I released something huge, and there is a sense of lightness in my mind and body, it’s like, it has opened up so much more for me, about myself and my potency ! Heartfelt gratitude”

“Nila , Thank you so much for today’s session. It  was an eye opener for me – am starting to face the fact that it really is in my hands to create  peaceful relationship, that I desire. I started the session with a heavy heart but now I feel like a butterfly and the world seems s beautiful”

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