Light and Slender Body – Complimentary Call

Light and Slender Body – Complimentary Call

Here is a super interesting question for you…

Do you create your body out of judgement or out of joy of it?

You often see bodies being labelled thin, fat, tall, short, etc. It is almost like putting bodies in a box and then the being and body struggle to break free.

What if we invited you to a different possibility? What if you could create the body such that it is a joy to be in? A body beyond labels, pain, illness and difficulty; how does that sound?

Please check the Link for the recordings of Light and slender body call.

The recording can be purchased for 22$.

We hope you know about the vortex of light. It is the element of light in action that dissolves everything that isn’t yours to melt away. Vortex of Light is an attunement and can be invoked on a daily basis.

VOL has been used to meditate, bring awareness, release emotions, manifest and now a new dimension has come in Nila’s awareness.

She is leading the ‘Vortex of Light Meditation for Releasing the Ancestral and Genetic Limitations’

What are you carrying that is not yours, but you have bought as yours? Is now the time to let go and release you and your lineage?

In a quantum world, there is no past. You heal your present, you heal the past and the future. Now how awesome is that!

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In case you haven’t been attuned yet, you can get it now:

” I recently took the VOL attunement from Nila. 
I have no words to express how my body felt the next day. 
I could relate with a toddler who has no worries, nobody achs, and everything is just play & fun. 
I was surprised to find myself listening to & enjoying music during work, as I have never done that.
I have now signed you for two more attunements.”

Are you a part of the Happy Kids’ Club yet?

We have a brand new community of parents willing to seek lightness for themselves and their kids. You are a part of this club if you have

  • Attended any class of the Ease on Earth Series
  • Your child has attended the SPLASH Summer Camp
  • You have booked a facilitation or absent healing for your kid – you can book here:

You can attend the Happy Parents: Happy Kids call for just 18$ (normally 33$) if you are a part of this club. The coupon code is available at the checkout page. You can sign up for the call here:

Also, watch your inbox for the zoom link for the Happy Kids Club Call happening on the 5th September.

” Our kids are sooo blessed to have this magic wand at such a formative age.. the life they will create will be limitless, they will be kind and would know their way towards divinity. We as parents will be so assured that they will choose the right path and create success stories all their life.. what an inspiration will they be??
I thank you Nila from the bottom of my heart.. I write this as I see the magic my daughter creates after your kids session last year.. She is a pro and she created a space for her in her best friends class in the new academic year 💝 Weip!!! “

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