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Light Key blessing for ease!

Light Key blessing for ease!

How have you been?

How would you like to receive blessings for ease? Light Key blessings are an energetic contribution to someone, from a higher vibrational space. Recently Nila shared her experience post a course of blessing –

“I am doing 11-day blessings of ease for someone (on 8th day). Their life totally changed already- so happy, chirpy, and flowing like a new person.. “ 

Click the link at the end to receive a gifted blessing for ease – in all things you do.

This video also contains beautiful facilitation to a lady who feels burdened by life’s responsibilities. It’s a profound moment when you acknowledge it’s you who choose to carry your burden(s) – letting go is also your choice! Listen to the facilitation, get facilitated along the way, and choose to be free of your burdens too!

You know, you can also learn to do attunements and blessings through the Expert Healer Course. Nila will be doing this one more time in Feb 1st week before she hands it over to the facilitators!

Let us know your interest by writing to !

Light Key protocol – to heal abuse and trauma is today 

Here is a recent note from Nila:

Light key protocol for healing abuse and trauma is the ‘Go to’ protocol for many of the practitioners including me – it kind of works on anything and everything – from toothache to depression. The results can be anything from changing hair texture to feeling alive for the first time in life! Whether you have experienced light keys or just thinking about testing the water, I cannot recommend this protocol enough for you. SugunaSathish and Elaine Koh have awesome dynamics to offer you the best possibility! What magic can this class be for you?

Synchronizing the body with earth for Health, Wealth & Happiness

If you have walked barefoot on a lawn or a beach, you would have experienced a blissful connection with mother earth, sometimes unknowingly – relieving you of your day’s stress and worries. Connecting with the earth makes us feel loved – it restores and rejuvenates our energy field. It’s incredibly healing.

We invite you to join us in this call to connect more deeply with mother earth and receive her contributions to enhance your living on earth in all aspects – health, wealth, and happiness.

You also receive earth chakra activation as part of this call to help you establish a strong connection and communion with mother earth – at will. Join us to synchronize your body with the harmonious energy of the earth and the elements of nature.

Light key protocol for conscious manifestation

“Manifestation can only be satisfying and truly effective when it arises out of the Being state of consciousness.” – Eckhart Tolle

How about learning a simple protocol to aid you in your path to conscious manifestation? Is it time to shed the limiting energies and move into a space of possibilities with ease?

Join us to accelerate the manifestation of desire with greater ease.

Light key blessing for ease!


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