Light key blessing for tuning into the frequency of Gold

Light key blessing for tuning into the frequency of Gold

How are you doing?

Gold is not only a symbol of prosperity, it also has healing capacities. So, I have done a video blessing for tuning into the frequency of gold. The link is at the end of this newsletter. I hope you enjoy!

Talking about prosperity and gold, you may still be able to jump into the Prosperity Activation Program that starts in a few hours:

The following flowchart will provide the list of Infinite Healing Courses and how they are mapped:

Light medicine

In about 6 months, I have channeled about 15 courses and facilitated numerous group calls. The more you all receive, the more we move towards our divinity gently.

I have been channeling information on earth medicine and light medicine for a few months and trialing it in the awareness development groups and on myself. The outcome is great. More than anything, the vortex of light attunement created so much ease and hence I decided to make this available to everyone at ease through the basic light medicine practitioner course.

This is how I experienced Vortex of Light when it came in:

“I was in the middle of my yoga session and suddenly the word ‘vortex of light’ came up and then my body was blazing like a lightening. At the same time felt so light as a feather too. My body started swaying in all directions and it continued for about 15 min. At first it felt like a lotus flower swaying in the sweet breeze then it felt like a beautiful white swan dancing to the cosmic rhythm. I really did not want to get out of this experience. Such bliss!!! Can’t explain it in words.”

I have been attuning people from a closed group since then and the feedback is fabulous. Some of them are here:

“Thank you so much 😊 did not want to come out of the warm kind loving nurturing energy. Immense gratitude 🙏🏻”

“As you started my whole body was vibrating left hand one particular vien was hitting as if somebody had pricked a needle dn felt violet light pouring through my crown could see huge peeple tree 🌳 felt it’s saying something to me could not get the awareness and ask my chakras started rotating one by one I felt that my whole body is purified
Thank you Nila
No words to express my feelings
Only will say lots of love and gratitude”
“I slept so peacefully for nearly 2.5hrs.. woke up now.. as if I am healed completely”

This attunement will be part of the basic attunement course. I will be attuning all the class registrants personally. I wonder what magic we can create for our bodies through this series:

June Light Key experience

Light key system keeps expanding like the universe 🙂 I now have more information on Vortices of light key frequencies. Vortices are frequencies in collective action. They are super potent. As we are doing so many new courses in June, I decided to make the experience available to you at a low cost even before it is taught in a class. I will be facilitating weekly meditations with Vortices of light key frequencies. To join in, you must have done the advanced light key frequency course.

If you have not, don’t worry. You can participate in another fun experience of colouring the lightlogue and conversing with light every week. For all of June, you pay only $21 for this experience. Feel free to join any time during June to receive weekly lightlogues:

Video link:

Here is the link to the video of light key blessing for tuning into the frequency of gold:

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What more magic can we create together?

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