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What does the word “Rejection” trigger in your world? How much of it do you handle with the emotional reaction? If someone bypasses you, do you feel disrespected? If someone does not respond to your text message, do you feel neglected? If someone does not acknowledge your work, do you feel invalidated? How much of a self-judgment do you associate with “Rejection” by someone else? How easily do you go into blame, shame, regret and get hurt?There is no end to it if you are deriving your worth from outside. No one can make you feel worthy or unworthy. It is totally an inside job.

Nila invites you to “Going beyond rejection” course to set yourself free!

❤️ Testimonials

“Attended going beyond rejection class day before yesterday, it was so amazing, from last three days am getting angry on and off, irritated and all kinds of mood swings. After class I got an awareness that I get angry and throw tantrums so that people keep distance with me, so that noone can hurt me or take advantage of me and den I’ll b on my own. Acceptance was the major issue with me. And today am really feeling relaxed although major chaos is happening at my professional front, still am calm and content .what else is possible ?
Everyone should do the rejection call. It’s really amazing, not only rejection, i would say don’t miss any of the classes, u never know what will open nxt.”

“Going beyond rejection class cleared so much for me. I was also being depressed and angry with myself. Got clarity on what all this is going on with me. Now I’m in a better place. Truly, Nila’s classes bring out so many things for me and I’m able to understand what space I’m creating for myself. Self help is so needed at times.”

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