❤️ Pre-requisites
❤️ Course Content
Tap into the energy of the Earth – The vastness of the Earth; The beauty of the Earth; The strength of the Earth; The riches of the Earth.

Earth always regenerates itself – no matter how much it is poisoned.Even to the regions affected by nuclear catastrophe, life returns within few years.

What if our body, which is of same composition as the earth, can regenerate too? What if we can use earth’s capacities to help the body regenerate magically?

Would you be willing to let the arms of the mother earth wrap your entire body and being with her nurturing energy, softness and kindness and enjoy your body’s physical wellbeing?

❤️ Testimonials

“Had a wonderful regenerative sleep yesterday night.”

“I’ve been doing it everyday since the day of the class. Today, when I lay on the floor in my house, I suddenly felt that my body just melded with the earth…there were a few seconds where my body “disappeared” and it was part of the Earth”

❤️ What next?

You can also choose to get certification of this protocol, if you would like to use it for others from the same link.

So are you willing to step up, empower yourself to heal your body?

For further queries feel free to write to team@infinitehealing.co.uk